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chelsea quint

LIFE + BIZ coach // Healer // Personal power Alchemist

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Work with me

embody your worth // share your gifts // change (y)our world

My work invites you to unravel your stories and beliefs, then piece yourself together as the whole, messy, powerful, scarred, beautiful, divine woman you are. My work invites you to create a life where you can experience everything you desire.

To make art with your work. Your relationships. Your connection to the divine. With your money. Your physical body. With your friends and family and sex and business. With your eyes. With your soul.

If you're ready to reclaim your personal + cocreative power, and alchemize pain, shame and trauma into joy, flow and abundance, I’m here for you. Fill out an application and we’ll chat.

Note sure where to start or what do you need? Pause, take a breath, and take a look…

COMMUNITY - my Divine Desires Group Mentorship and THRIVE Mastermind are beautiful containers created for the woman who feels lonely. The woman who’s been on her healing journey, but still feels a little lost, isolated and stuck. Like there are little kinks is her relationship to money, love, sex, work. Like she’s forgotten what it’s like to feel excited and is going through the motions of life, and her fiery passion feels dim. Reach out for details + the application.

DEEP DIVE - for the true seeker who’s ready to go deep, to immerse herself in a transformational, alchemical process of discovering, healing, and transcending. Deep dives are for the woman who’s been working on herself, and who’s ready to take down all the masks. You’ll go from living an unfulfilling, disenchanted, reactive life, ruled by past pains and future worries, to feeling living the inspired, empowered, confident, worthy and abundant life you deserve. Apply here.

BREAKTHROUGH - when you need a quick shift, Breakthrough Sessions are perfect. If you’re feeling stuck, struggling to move through a block or seeking more clarity and guidance, book your Breakthrough here.

DAILY PRACTICE + TOOLS - come practice yoga with me at Sweat Yoga NYC, advance your practice in a private session, or check out my self-study courses and workshops to add to your spiritual toolkit.

Still not sure where to start? Email me and let’s chat!