Deep soul healing + energetic mastery to help you redefine what’s realistic and go from surviving to thriving in life, love and business.

Hi goddess - I’m so grateful you’re here. I’m Chelsea Quint…

life + worth coach | healer | Business Mentor

And I’m here to help survivors create your soul aligned abundance and impact as you go from surviving to thriving in life, love and business.

>> When you’re a survivor, your path is different.

>> You came into this life with big karma (lessons) and dharma (purpose) to manifest and move through in this lifetime.

>> You have valuable lessons and a massive purpose - but as a survivor, you’ve let yourself believe that maybe things weren’t meant to be easy, abundant, joyful for you. You bought into the lie that things were just supposed to be hard for you - and that lie has kept you living in survival mode.

>> Babe, you’ve let your past define your present for long enough. 

>> It’s your time to elevate beyond survival mode. It’s time for you to thrive. 


My call to the survivors…


You kind of love being a survivor - it makes you feel strong, impressive.

You’ve gone through and survived a lot in this life… and that’s powerful.

But babe, I know you’re tired. Tired of hurting, hustling, getting by and making it through.

Because even though you’re a pro at keeping it together, and on the outside it looks like everything is good, and you should be happy…

There’s something missing.

You’ve got the job, the successes, the achievements, the relationships…

But you still feel like you’re stuck in survival mode, playing whack a mole in your life, love and business.

When you’re a survivor, you get so used to accepting scraps from the table.

Somewhere along the line you bought into the lie that a normal, realistic life was all you could hope for.

But deep down, you know you’re not meant to settle for good enough. To be happy with normal, realistic levels of love, abundance, joy, pleasure and bliss.

Under the layers of self doubt and funky patterns, you know you’re here to change the world.

And to be madly in love with your life, relationships and business while you do it.

This is your time to reclaim the life you’re meant for - and I’m here to help you do it.

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I am here to be your mirror.

To hold you up as you remember who you are.

To help you rediscover the power that runs through your every cell, and reconnect with your worthiness, your purpose, your light.

And be the catalyst for your elevation from survivor to thriver in every facet of your life.

Because I know what it’s like to live your entire life as a survivor, a warrior, the one who doesn’t give up… and I know what it takes to thrive.

When we work together the money flows, the business expands, the love is abundant and your dreams become reality.



Deep soul healing + energetic mastery to help you redefine what’s realistic to go from surviving to thriving in life, love and business.

Your intuition led you here for a reason.

Because it’s time.

> Time for you to activate the purpose, power and potential that exists within you.

> Time for you to claim and enjoy the abundance of love, wealth, purpose, impact and bliss that is your divine birthright.

> Time for you to feel whole, powerful, confident, and to know in your bones that you are enough

> Time for you to embrace your divine destiny and fall madly in love with your life and your work.

Are you feeling a HELL yes to shifting out of survival mode and into the thriving, abundant life, love and work that you are meant for?

I think you are, gorgeous.

trust your gut and apply for a free Alignment + Activation session.

I cannot wait to meet you.

How I can help


for the true seeker who’s ready to go deep, to immerse herself in a transformational, alchemical process of discovering, healing, and transcending. These deep dives are for the woman who’s been working on herself, and who’s ready to take down all the masks. You’ll go from living an unfulfilling, disenchanted, reactive life, ruled by past pains and future worries, to living the inspired, empowered, confident, worthy and abundant life you deserve. Apply and book your free activation session here.


come practice yoga with me at Sweat Yoga NYC, advance your practice in a private session, or check out my self-study courses and workshops to add to your spiritual toolkit.


My Divine Desires Group Mentorship is an intensive manifesting accelerator.

An intimate group of powerful, heart centered women committed to their own healing, abundance and expansion, Divine Desires helps you get clear on what you desire, deeply heal any limiting patterns and take inspired, fully aligned action to turn your desires into your divine reality.

Reach out for details + the application.


Chelsea Quint | Deep soul healing + energetic mastery to help you redefine what’s realistic and go from surviving to thriving in life, love and work.