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MENTORSHIP PROGRAM // intensive 1:1 work

Hello sister. I'm so glad you're here.

If you're on this page, you're intuition led you to this invitation to step into your own unfolding.

You're accepting the call to step forward into a new paradigm of living, loving, working and being in the world. 

You’re saying yes to embodying your truth, discovering and sharing your unique medicine and gifts with the world, and owning + creating everything you desire.

You’re saying yes to your vision: to the fact that you’re here on this planet to make a massive impact on the world, and to live a beautiful, abundant life while doing so.

Just by filling out this application you are declaring a shift in your world. So many clients tell me they feel huge shifts when they hit submit.

I work with my clients on a very intuitive basis. I've been at this healing thing for 11 years, and have assembled a beautiful, big bag of tools to serve you (and me). We always work within a core structure:

  1. There’s something(s) in your life that you want but don’t have yet. Relationships, sisterhood, money, self love and acceptance, time and financial freedom, influence, impact, success, flow, peace…

  2. Tap into your WHY behind that desire - which activates your motivation and momentum.

  3. Identify any stories, patterns, beliefs, blocks you have around having those things. Go to the root of your blocks and heal those patterns from the root.

  4. Create an aligned action plan to work toward your goals consistently in a way that feels deeply nourishing, flowy and easy.

When I work with business + entrepreneur clients, we'll also focus on aligned branding, marketing, divine masculine embodiment to take action and get shit done, while nurturing that divine feminine to tap into your expansive, creative flow. Plus, we'll dive into the manifesting work to get you in alignment with what you desire, making sure you actually want what your brain says you do and activating your co-creative personal power to get the impact, clients, success, influence, money, etc.

With life coaching clients seeking more joy, love, relationship success and body love, we'll dig into embodiment work, using the breath to heal the mind-body connection, nurture your intuition and heal stuck emotions + wounding from the subconscious, nervous system and energetic bodies. 

With all clients, I use a combination of intuitive coaching, EFT, subconscious reprogramming, embodiment and breath work, energy and chakra healing, calling on others tools and practices as needed.

If you're feeling the nudge, I'd love for you to reach out. Fill out the application to the left, and I'll reach out to connect.

When we work together, you can expect:

  • Getting incredibly clear on what you desire in life and work

  • Powerful healing of any and all limiting beliefs, blocks, resistance and self sabotaging patterns stuck in your subconscious mind and nervous system that prevent you from getting the above things you desire

  • Discovering who you are really, and unapologetically embodying the next level version of yourself in every moment

  • Manifestation work to call in the job opportunities, promotions, partners, money, friendships, clients and everything you deeply desire

  • Shifting out of living an unfulfilling, disenchanted, reactive life. No more being ruled by your past pains and future worries. Step into the inspired, empowered, confident, worthy and abundant life you’re meant for.

  • Weekly connection, support and guidance both on sessions and in between audio + text support

  • Next level accountability so you follow through on all of your aligned action steps 

  • All the tools, resources and practices you need to stay fully aligned and in your cocreative power and magnetic essence

  • An all-inclusive VIP weekend in NYC, custom-curated to help you embody your highest self and anchor in all of your work

Past clients have:

  • Created wildly successful, soul aligned businesses within just a month of working together

  • Received multiple dream job offers within just a few weeks of signing up to work together

  • Developed more intimacy and love in romantic relationships

  • Manifested money needed to pay for their wedding dress

  • Healed their relationship with their physical body, recovering from disordered eating and toxic relationships with food

  • Been accepted into dream graduate school programs

  • Released deep pain, trauma and wounds from years past within one session

  • Gotten incredible clarity on what they want in their lives and work

  • Launched their coaching practices, courses, websites and brands that feel nourishing and exciting

  • And so much more…

I lived a standard life based on other people’s definition of success for over two decades. But the truth is, there was always a part of me that knew I wasn't fully living. Wasn't fully present with my life. 

That I wasn't fully being me, owning my power, and living the life I felt so called to live.

I felt like I was going through the motions. Proclaiming that I HAD to go to fancy private universities, and proclaiming it loudly and proudly so everyone would know just how worthy and enough I was. Getting the jobs, negotiating my salary, bringing in more money than anyone in my company, handling million dollar retainers and managing a team. I would get high on the successes, the money, the corporate travel, luxurious dinners and time at resorts or slaying at meetings… but the high was short lived, and afterwards I felt numb.

A few years ago, I finally had the courage to wake up. I looked around, and finally admitted to myself that I was living a 'good life,' by all external standards, but I had no idea whose life I was living. 

I wasn't present. I wasn't in my body. I wasn't able to enjoy or love or receive fully any of the abundance around me, and I couldn't call in what I needed or wanted. 

If you’re ready to flip the script and write the rules of your own life, then my work is for you. I love you.