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Spoiler alert: I haven’t always been as happy as I am in this picture. It’s been a long road full of traumas, heartbreak, debt and financial struggle, family drama, and more. Because I came here to heal - first myself, and now you. I believe that your intuition led you here because you’re ready.

Because you know the same way of living, thinking and being isn’t working, and you’re ready to make a change.

You’re ready to take your power back, heal your deepest wounds and truly thrive in every area of your life.

This is the condensed version of how I got from anxious, depressed, self-loathing and broke to free, happy, healthy and rich in every area of my life.


Graduated college with a degree in editing, writing + media after attending three different schools in three years. Graduated early in spite of all the transferring, and set my sights on getting the hell out of Tallahassee, FL.


Moved to NYC, worked as a server, nanny, course creator at a digital education company. Started a master’s program at NYU in journalism + international political economy.

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Realized that my dreams of being a war correspondent meant signing on to a continued life of PTSD and survival mode, so let go of that dream. Left NYU, moved back to Tallahassee, got a job in public relations and started my yoga teacher training. Also, started dating my future husband.


I was kicking ass in my PR job, managing the agency’s first ever Super Bowl campaign, teaching multiple yoga classes a week… and miserable. Set the intention to make money doing something that left me feeling the way I felt after teaching a yoga class. Did all the research and listened to all the podcasts, discovered coaching (and realized I rock at it).

Enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, built my website and started my first biz - the Well Soul Collective.

Got married and quit my job this year too… it was a big one.

Took on my first coaching clients, launched my first course, had my first brand photo shoot. There was a lot of comparison, judgement and shiny object syndrome in my business and my personal life this year. Always downloading the next free workshop or paying for a new digital course in the hopes that it would fix me, or help me get my big break. I learned a lot… and integrated only a little. Racked up a ton of debt and felt like I was doing all the things in life and biz, but nothing was working. Every day was a constant worry, stress, complaint. When was it my turn? When was I going to be healed? To feel better? To make more money To have the success?

Then, my dad committed suicide, my husband and I separated and he had an affair, and I rebranded to Chelsea Quint.

Amidst the chaos, I read The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer and had a massive spiritual awakening and mindset shift. Spent the second half of 2017 obsessed with manifesting, taking my power back, and healing from all the shitty victim stories I’d been stuck in.

The hubs moved back in, and a few months later we moved to New York. I went even deeper into my healing, my training, my mission. Made more money in business than I ever did in my corporate job - while working less and traveling more. Invested tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours in my own healing and education, and honed in on who I am really and why I am here. It was my year of rebirth and rebuilding after the burning down and ego death of 2017.


In 2019 I launched the Survivor to Thriver podcast, started writing my first book, sold out the second round of my signature program Divine Desires, and had my first 5 figure months. I’m thrilled to say that my business feels more fun, flowy and expansive than ever. Selling my work is easy, landing clients is easy, paying for my wants, needs and desires feels easy and effortless. I wake up most morning feeling totally free.

And beyond that, the impact I’m having is growing faster than ever. My brand, my work, my programs feel like me, and that authentic truth makes every moment feel yummy, exciting and real. I’m not hustling. I’m not pushing. I’m not living in fear and unworthiness. I’ve healed from things I didn’t think I could heal from. I no longer go through my life feeling to good enough, broken, anxious and struggling.

I love myself. I love my work. I love my life.

And that’s what I get to help you create.



I wish to thank my teachers, mentors and healers; Britton Schey, Alexandra Roxo, Dr. Lori Leyden, Amanda Frances, Suzanne Harrell, Stacy Abbot, Bizzie Gold, Andrea Lucchesi, Michelle Ward, and Ange Simson; as well as the those who've walked this path before me. And to everyone who's supported me and believed in me, most of all my incredible husband, Jonathan.