A love letter from chelsea to you...

Hi gorgeous soul.

First things first: my work isn’t for everyone.

I am intense. A bit weird. Into just as much of the woo spirituality, hearing from God and plant medicine and shadow work as I am into neuroscience and nutrition and therapeutic approaches to healing trauma.

I’ll say words that make you uncomfortable. I’ll push you to discover your depths - to integrate them and to know yourself fully.

I believe every experience in this life is a chance to know your selves - and your power - more fully. To know the divine more fully, and to embrace the divine within you.

I believe in healing through it all, and breaking free from old patterns, limiting beliefs and conditioning. And through that healing, discovering your infinite power to make art of this lifetime.

To make art with your work. Your relationships. Your connection to the divine. With your money. Your physical body. With your friends and family and sex and business. With your eyes. With your soul.

My work invites you to unravel, and piece yourself together as whole, messy, broken, scarred. My work invites you to create a life where you can experience everything you desire.

Practically speaking, the main tools I use are storytelling + reframing, daily practice + accountability, subconscious reprogramming, EFT (Tapping), chakra balancing, nutrition + physical health, divine feminine + masculine energy, embodiment practice, yoga, breathwork, meditation, Shadow integration, Human Design.

You get to decide whether you want to be the victim or the victor of your life. 

When you're ready to choose victor, I'm here to help. 

Sending you so much love, courage and adoration.



I wish to thank my teachers, mentors and healers; Alexandra Roxo, Dr. Lori Leyden, Amanda Frances, Suzanne Harrell, Stacy Abbot, Bizzie Gold, Andrea Lucchesi, Michelle Ward, and Ange Simson; as well as the those who've walked this path before me. And to everyone who's supported me and believed in me, most of all my incredible husband, Jonathan. 

Who is Chelsea Quint?

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Bringing healthy skepticism to spiritual growth and healing, Chelsea integrates modern science with ancient wisdom.

She is known for her ability to meet you wherever you’re at, allowing space for graceful expansion, self discovery, powerful healing and radical transformation.

Her life’s work is to guide others to discover their soul’s purpose - their dharma - and uncover the wounds, programming and limiting beliefs that keep them stuck, frustrated and unclear about whether this whole life thing is meant to work for them.

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re here on purpose, or if you’re too broken to ever be fully fixed or healed, Chelsea is here to help you discover the fullness, wholeness and purpose of your unique, authentic soul. 

Through a life of trauma after trauma - ranging from sexual to physical to emotional abuse, suicide, traumatic deaths and grief, Chelsea has a depth to her soul and her work that allows her to hold space for those who may have felt left behind from much of the spiritual and personal development worlds.

There is a beautiful need for light and light workers in the world - and at the same time, Chelsea knows we must fully accept, own and integrate our own darkness to live life in its fullest expression. 

Chelsea is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, EFT practitioner, transformational coach, breath work teacher, integrative nutrition health coach and spiritual teacher.

Combining years of study with her vast life experience, she brings a depth and breadth of tools, resources and lessons to her work. 

She offers private yoga and breathwork instruction, transformational purpose + manifestation coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) healing, meditation classes and online group programs.

She regularly holds events, classes and women’s circles in and around New York City, where she lives with her husband and two cats.