Creating a Celebration Practice


The other day, a friend and incredible healer told me about a huge breakthrough in her business this month. She rocked out her first $10k month, and was in total awe of her own manifesting powers. 

And she asked me, 'what do you do to celebrate?' 

I paused for a moment, and realized what a strange question that was for me. Because truthfully, my life feels like a celebration. 

I am a pro at treating myself. But because I've done the deep healing work of reconnecting with my body and my intuition, I'm able to treat myself in ways that feel amazing and help take me to greater heights, rather than the typical #treatyoself on a picture of an ice cream binge that would leave me feeling bloated and guilty. 

As I spoke with this beautiful human, I remembered one of the practices I've been sharing with my clients recently: it's what I call a celebration practice. 

You know how gratitude practices have become all the rage? Well, I've started adding a celebration practice onto my gratitude ritual, and I have to say it's been a game changer.

This is how it works. Each day, as you're winding down before bed, reflect back on the day. Remember the things you accomplished, the compliments you received, the wins you had. And as you do, write down or say out loud three things about yourself that you want to celebrate.

Are you feeling any resistance pop up as you're reading this? If so - that's totally normally. Stick with me.

We're taught that it's not okay to celebrate ourselves. We don't want to come off as too bold, cocky or arrogant. And when we have the deep seated belief that we're not good enough, there's a fear too that we'll be put down or invalidated when we celebrate ourselves. 

So it's scary to start tooting your own horn. But damn is it powerful. 

Your list can start with small celebrations. Things like 'I got out of bed after my first alarm instead of snoozing,' or 'I ate my lunch outside rather than at my desk.' Maybe your win is getting to a yoga class when you were really feeling like vegging out on the couch, or honoring your intuition and letting yourself rest instead of forcing yourself to get to the gym.

However big or small it feels, put it out there. And soak up how good it feels to be proud of yourself.

I was at my new moon circle last week, and one of the women in our circle shared that her intention is to be less self critical this new moon cycle. She shared that she's been working on setting an example of self love and acceptance for her son, and in doing so realizes how much she struggles to accept herself as she is. 

She finds herself picking apart every word of a conversation from earlier in the day, or kicking herself for not getting everything done on her to do list. She catches herself criticizing tiny flaws in a class she taught a week or two prior - almost like no matter what she does, it's never good enough. 

And when she sees and hears others doing this, she can lovingly point it out and remind her friends how great they are, even if something wasn't 'perfect.'

But when it comes to ourselves, things are so much harder.

I told her about my experimentation with a celebration practice, and about how helpful it's been for me to look back on my accomplishments and soak them up regularly. 

I sometimes like to think of our journey in this life as a trek up a mountain. We can see the top, and have a vision of what it looks like, and of what it will feel like to get there.

The top of that mountain is our dreams, our deepest desires for our lives. And most of the time, we're so focused on looking forward, going up, climbing higher and taking the next step, that we forget to pause and savor the moment.

Pausing and looking around at what is here and now is what a gratitude practice helps us achieve. And to look backwards and check in with all of the work that we've done, with how high we've already climbed, we use a celebration practice. 

Whenever I start any new habit, I like to anchor it to an existing habit. If you have a gratitude practice, you can anchor your celebration practice to that. Or, every time you brush your teeth before bed, say your celebrations to yourself in the mirror. Find a habit that exists in your life already, and do your celebration practice before or after that. 

Use your celebration practice to honor the work you've done. Day by day, step by step, each little piece gets you closer to who you desire to be. 

Sending you so much love,