Body Talk


What is your relationship with your body like?

For most of my life, I hated my body. I would criticize every bit of cellulite, every stretch mark, every wrinkle or blemish. I'd long for a thigh gap or to lose just a few pounds, or that I had slightly bigger boobs or smaller hips.

I thought it was weirdly proportioned, too pale, too pudgy. That my calves were too big and I had cankles, that my thighs were way too thick and my boobs weren't big enough.

And perhaps the craziest part? I have a rocking body - at least based on western standards of traditional beauty. But still, I struggled to love what I saw in the mirror, to have any gratitude for my physical form. That story of not good enough ran deep to my core,  and it was a hard one to shake.

But my self criticism extended to the way I treated my body. I would starve my body, abuse it with drugs and alcohol, not drink enough water or get enough sleep - and then be mad at my body for not acting or looking like I wanted it to.

It was such a vicious cycle - one that I know so many people struggle with.

And then, a little over 10 years ago, I made my way onto a yoga mat. My path to loving myself (and acting like I love myself) started by returning to my physical body, healing the connect I have with this incredible temple I get to live in.

The process hasn't always been easy, and I certainly still have moment when I catch myself critiquing something about my body, but I've come such a long way.

In spite of the fact that so many people struggle with serious body image issues, the world of personal development often leaves behind the physical body. We're doing ourselves such a disservice by forgetting the physical body. Think about it - you come to a coach or a course for the mindset shifts, the education, the releasing of limiting beliefs. But when it comes to shifting your physical body and health, we often go to gyms or personal trainers or yoga classes.

All of those things can be great - but there's a serious disconnect between the mindset work and the body work. They go together, loves! When you combine the power of your mind with the strength and resilience of your body, you can truly tap into the wisdom, abundance and light that lies within all of us. And that's where the magic happens.

So now, I have two questions for you. Break out your journals and free write on these, then share your realizations in the comments. You never know who you'll be inspiring or helping by sharing your story. 

  1. What stories are you carrying about your body?
  2. How can you take care of your temple this week?