The Magic of Coaching

Coaching will completely change your life. 

That’s a bold statement – I know – and I stand behind it fully. Because I’ve been lucky enough to watch the magic happen, time and time again. Not just as a coach, but as a client, too.

That’s right, this coach uses coaches, too! And honestly, that’s a huge part of what convinced me to do this work.

I want to let you guys in on a little secret: the magic of coaching has nothing to do with a coach’s knowledge, expertise, fancy marketing or well-designed programs. Do those things help? Absolutely – especially in a world full of online businesses where anyone can show up and call themselves a coach.

But the magic comes from connection, and from space. See, as a coach it’s my job to hold space for clients to do the work they need to do. When my clients show up ready to work, I get to meet them where they are, and provide a safe place to say the things they’re afraid of. To explore their limiting beliefs, and to be raw, real and honest without fear of judgement.

That’s why it’s critically important that you do your research before working with a coach. And like I said, not just looking for fancy marketing and packages, but looking for someone who makes you feel safe. Heard. Understood.

Do you have a person who makes you feel completely validated? Who totally gets you? Find a coach who does that, too. Schedule a call with them, and see how you guys fit. A good coach will tell you if the energy isn't right for them, and will point you in the right direction. And when you find a great coach – trust me, you’ll just know.

If you feel compelled to tell them something that you don’t really feel comfortable telling them, that’s a good sign. If you get emotional – maybe even more emotional than you do with your friends and family – that’s good too.

Now I don’t want to freak you out – coaches aren’t here to make you share the deep, scary stuff if you’re not ready. But when the magic of coaching kicks in, it’s truly amazing what stories start to come out. And when you have a coach there to listen, process, and validate your experiences, you’ll also get to start making connections to how those stories are getting in the way of you living your best damn life.

You were meant for an absolutely incredible, inspired, glittery life. If you’ve found this page, I think a part of you knows that. Does that feel scary to read? Did you roll your eyes?

Good. You’re on the right track.

See, your inner critic, ego, mean girl, bitch brain, or whatever you want to call her, gets really freaking scared when you start to look at growth.

“But what if I’m the ONE person who isn’t meant for greatness?,” she’ll ask you.

“What if this doesn’t work for me?”

Or she might say “who are you, to do this work. That’s so selfish. You shouldn’t be wasting your money on that when you could be paying bills/saving money/insert excuse here.”

Let me tell you this right now: she is a liar. And you know what? She is terrified. Because when you start to do this work, you end up getting a little more vulnerable. And then a lot more.

You start to look at your limiting beliefs in the mirror, and to look at what’s preventing you from having a healthy relationship with food, exercise, or your body. You get real with yourself about about what’s stopping you from waking up early to practice the things you say you want to – yoga, meditation, journaling, heading to the gym, mindfully eating breakfast.

You begin to get honest with yourself about what you want in life. About what you believe you’re capable of. You even start to say those things out loud. To share them, and to admit to what you want.

And holy shit is that scary work. Because someone could shut you down. Your mean girl will tell you that it’s better not to be seen, not to rise up, not to come into your own shiny, beautiful radiance and add your light to this world. “What if someone tells you that your light isn’t enough? That they don’t like it?,” she’ll ask.

When you work with a coach, you get to explore what things you’re willing to do even if you fail. And just on the other side of that fear, that leap of faith, is a magical place.

When I work with clients, I look for people who I instantly feel an immense love for. I’m a totally hippie dippie yoga teacher and an empath, so I can pick up on someone’s energy at the drop of a hat. I enter every consultation call and session from a place of love and of service. I open my heart to my clients, and in doing so I’m able to give them the safe space to step into their truth, explore different ideas and build the skills and tools they need to create their happiest, healthiest life.

That’s what a coach does. It’s about being heard, and having someone there to listen to you, and to help you hear what you’re saying. It’s so deceptively simple, and powerful beyond belief. That’s why I started working with coaches, why I became a coach, and why I’ll continue to learn and grow my my coaches.

If any of this hits you right in the feels, I’d be honored to chat with you and see if we’re a fit. I’m not taking new clients until July 10, but will be holding free consultations for the four spots I’m opening up. I only want to work with those I can truly help, so these are application only. Want one? Apply below.