Eliminate Sugar Cravings with my Healthy Frozen Hot Chocolate

How many times have you found yourself in front of the tv or crawling into bed, then suddenly, you’re hit with an insatiable need for something sweet?

Or maybe you’re more of the after dinner type – and a meal doesn’t feel complete without a little chocolate treat.

I have so been there. Sugar cravings are serious business – and truth be told, serious sugar addictions usually need some support and guidance to kick to the curb. But for those of us who are just in the habit of using something sweet to get a little comfort and close out our evenings, there are so many fabulous healthy sweet recipes and sugary ingredient swaps that will allow you to have your cake and eat it too (sorry, I had to).

For me, my healthy dessert recipes have to meet several criteria:

  1. They must have some nutritional value.

  2. In an ideal world, they should be chocolate. And maybe include berries. Chocolate + raspberries + strawberries = perfection in my world. Cacao chocolate recipes are my jam.

  3. They should require as few dishes and as little prep time as possible. One dish is my preference, but I can live with two or three.

And over the years, I’ve come to find and create many recipes that meet all of these criteria. Recently, I’ve broken out one of my tried and true favorites, but this time with a summer-ready twist. What is it, you ask?

The Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Okay, it’s a dumb name, but it’s not quite a chocolate milkshake, and frozen chocolate also sounds a little silly. So… let’s say this is a summer version of hot chocolate, and you can take out the ice and call it healthy hot chocolate in the winter.

This recipe is low glycemic (none of that bad for you processed sugar), full of magnesium packed cacao and vegan. AKA the perfect healthy chocolate recipe. Oh, and bonus points? I make this version in the blender. Technically it’s two dishes – the blender and the glass I drink it out of – but for how delicious this is, I’ll take it!

Enjoy this easy, healthy blender recipe – this will make one serving of frozen hot chocolate. Perfect to enjoy in the late afternoon, or sip after dinner for dessert.

Healthy Frozen Hot Chocolate


  • 2 c cashew milk (grab the recipe to make yours at home in my breakfast recipe ebook)
  • 2-3 tbsp organic cacao powder (depending on how chocolate-y you like it)
  • 1 tbsp organic maple syrup
  • ½ tsp organic coconut oil
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 2-3 ice cubes
  • *optional dash cayenne pepper for mexican frozen hot chocolate


Combine all ingredients except the ice in your blender, and blend to combine.

When everything’s mixed in, add the ice cubes and keep blending.

Pour all of that deliciousness into a glass. You can add some extra cinnamon on top, sip and enjoy.

So what are all of the benefits of this recipe? Well as I said, cacao is packed with magnesium – a mineral essential for so many of our bodily functions. Cinnamon helps boost your metabolism, and the healthy fats from coconut oil help diminish cravings and regulate your blood sugar levels. Tons of goodness in one little glass, and this is clean enough that you can enjoy your frozen hot chocolate without any guilt. Yes, please!

Did you try out this recipe? Want more healthy chocolate recipe ideas? Pop over to our private FB group and let us know!