I'm Done Hiding

I have a confession: I've been hiding for way too long. 

I have a feeling you might have been, too. 

Too many of us keep hiding. We're afraid of being seen - terrified that if we show up as the bright, shiny, gorgeous humans we're meant to be, someone will stand up and tell us it's not enough. They'll call us ugly. Stupid. Ask who we are to be shining so brightly. Who we are to desire a life worthy of the history books.

And I get it - the fear of being judged, of being truly seen in our most raw, real, vulnerable states is intense. It can be all consuming. And we've been conditioned by sneaky fear over the years to believe that it's the inevitable truth if we start to speak up and dream big. 

I'm here to tell you that's a lie. And that I'm done living that lie, and I'm done playing the victim. I hope you will be, too.

For many years, I clung to my victim story. I've experienced a lot of physical and emotional trauma in my life, and I clung to the stories I associated with those traumas. I clung to beliefs I'd picked up from my family. I held onto beliefs about my worth, finances, intelligence, relationships and more. And those stories and beliefs kept me small. They kept me afraid of trusting people, and - one of my most detrimental beliefs - they kept me feeling like i had to control everything, because I couldn't depend on anyone else to take care of the things that need to happen. 

And I created a world where that was true. Where it felt impossible for me to be supported by anything in my life. 

All of that because I kept clinging to my victim story. 

I wanted to come in here to tell you that I've chosen to do things differently. I realized that these stories were even showing up in my business. I had fear around showing up as my brightest, most talented and worthy self. 

I commit today to be done with that. 

Because when I show up, I get to share the beautiful, soulful message I am here to share. I get to inspire and empower you to show up as your most incredible, radiant self. 

If I don't show up, my time in this life is being wasted. I have experienced, learned and healed from the moments in my life so that I can share the process and teach other to find the light in the darkness. So that I can teach you to shine, to embrace joy and to love the hell out of your deepest, purest authentic truth.

This is your time. You came to this post, to my tribe, to this message for a reason. It is my deepest desire than you find what you need. If I can be of assistance on that journey, then my work here is being done. 

Thank you for showing up for yourself, for making your way to this space. You are a magical, sparkly badass. Breathe that in. Feel what it feels like. Breathe into you power. You are so worthy.

Massive love to you all.