Ethically Sourced, Sustainable Perfumes by Nomaterra

As a self-proclaimed green beauty junkie, I’m thrilled to share details on one of my favorite fragrance brands, Nomaterra

Nomaterra is a fragrance company based out of New York designed to bring to life the scents and memories of a unique location. The name comes means nomads (Noma) of the earth (Terra), and the whole brand celebrates travel, exploration and adventure. 

I was lucky enough to work with founders Aggie and Ben Burnett toward the beginning of their journey. During my time with them I learned so much from self-taught perfumer Aggie, and loved working out of their Bushwick apartment in Brooklyn. 

One of my favorite things about Nomaterra is their commitment to sustainable, natural and organic ingredients. Having seen it first hand, I can attest that Aggie and Ben leave no stone unturned when sourcing ingredients for each fragrance. The duo will research, sniff, sample and test countless oils until they’re satisfied, and I for one am grateful to know I can feel good about using their products. 

In the past coupe of years, Aggie and Ben have grown their products tremendously, and they have an array of delicious offerings for any scent preferences. I let it slip to Aggie that I was dying to smell the new Cape Cod Wild Beach Rose fragrance, and being the lovely human that she is she sent along a rollerball for me to try out, plus samples of two other new fragrances. The complete Nomaterra line-up includes:

  • Oahu Gardenia
  • East Hampton Atlantic White Cedar
  • Miami Orange Blossom
  • Boston Tobacco Leaf
  • Malibu Honeysuckle
  • DC Cherry Blossom
  • Savannah Magnolia
  • Cape Cod Wild Beach Rose*
  • Brooklyn Violet Leaf
  • New Orleans Datura*

Now, onto the review! Like all Nomaterra fragrances, Cape Cod Wild Beach Rose is completely vegan and sourced from the highest quality essential oils. 

The creation of each Nomaterra scent involves month soft research into the location each fragrance represents. From native plants to historical ties, no stone is left unturned. With that in mind, I asked Aggie to share the story behind Cape Cod Wild Beach Rose:

AB:  The crispness and freshness of our Cape Cod scent is undeniable. You feel so fresh wearing it, it feels exactly like the fresh, chilly breeze Ben and I experienced while moped-ing around Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard a few years ago. We went at the tail tail end of summer, so Fall was in the works, and it was just so incredible. You could smell the salt of the ocean as the waves crashed against the shore, the wild beach roses were abundantly blowing near the sand dunes, the lavender farm we visited (the farm is tucked away on a very hidden dirt road that leads to a baby lavender farm started by a husband and wife, with just a tiny cottage with products for sale). We had ridden the moped for a few hours, at which point the sun started going down, and we were in this quaint little beachfront town… It was magical. After that it got very cold, so we went a grabbed a bite to eat in town, some freshly caught seafood at a local unassuming joint. 

The first whiff of Cape Cod smells effortlessly fresh – a very model off-duty scent that you can envision swiping on with a dab of mascara before running out the door. It’s light and elegant, but builds in complexity. At first I smell the ocean –cooler beaches of the northeast, not hot humid Florida beaches – but the scent builds to light florals and herbal scents, all blending together seamlessly to great one perfect summer fragrance. In case you can’t tell – I love this stuff. 

If you’re looking for a new perfume – and one that you can feel good about using – I can’t recommend Nomaterra enough. 

For more on Nomaterra’s fragrances, check out their product page here or discover you scent style with their scent quiz. Happy exploring, nomads.