How to Enjoy A Salt Bath

If you guys have been following me on social media, you've likely seen me talking about the benefits of - and my adoration for - a good salt bath. 

Baths have long been known as a beautiful, beneficial form of self-care. And now, with the amazing rise of radical self love and the conversation about the importance of self-care coming to the forefront of so many healing circles, baths are becoming a daily staple for many self-care junkies, myself included. 

But despite that fact that so many of us are singing the praises of salt baths (plus the additions of essential oils, crystals, candles, incense, etc.), it can quickly become overwhelming, and your supposedly relaxing bath turns into another stressful item on your to do list. I have to say, screw that. Self care is meant to be nourishing, grounding, rejuvenating - not stressful! 

And so, I'm putting together my guide to drawing yourself a gorgeous salt bath, and enjoying all that soaking and salting has to offer. 

  1. First things first, gather everything you'll need for your bath. The base requirements are a tub and salt. Ideally we're talking epsom salts - these don't have to be fancy, you can pick up a big bag of epsom salts at your local drugstore, or if you like you can grab fancier, scented salts. You can also light candles, surround your tub with plants, burn incense, add essential oils or crystals to your bath to magnify your results. See below for some suggestions on crystals or essential oils to add.
  2. Fill the tub with water - make this as hot as you can manage (unless you're pregnant - then be sure to keep it cooler so as not to spike your core body temperature).
  3. As the tub is filling with water, add 1-4 cups of your salt to the tub. I like to stir it up a little bit as the tub fills, to make sure the salt dissolves.
  4. This is where you add your magnifiers - essential oils and crystals.. I love grounding crystals and oils in my bath - like smoky quartz or black tourmaline, and frankincense or sandalwood oils. For inviting some extra love in, add rose quartz and rose essential oils. Or, if you're trying to up your abundance and manifesting power, add a citrine crystal and some sweet orange oil. Orange oil + peppermint is a glorious combination for boosting your creativity, too.
  5. Once you bath is all set, you can light some candles - either unscented or scented with some of the same essential oils listed above. You can also burn incense as you soak - anything that sets the mood for relaxation.
  6. It's time to soak! Slip into the tub and soak for 20 minutes. You can turn on some music or ambient noise - this is a great time to slip into a little meditation. 
  7. Stay hydrated! Salt baths help you to detoxify, which requires that you rehydrate to help flush out toxins and replace and liquid that you sweat out in the bath. Drink at least 8 ounces of water when you're in the bath - bonus detox points if you add some lemon juice to your water. Then sip 8 more ounces after you get out of the bath.
  8. Once your soaking time is up, drain the bath and rinse off. Turn on the shower, keeping the water as cold as you can handle. Take it slow here - especially if you've ever had blood pressure issues or sometimes get lightheaded. Rinse off in cold to cool water, allowing yourself to clean up and complete the detox process, rinsing away any toxins. 
  9. Once you've rinsed off, you can continue the pampering process by doing a self oil massage. I have several delicious body oils that I love - this Gardenia Tea body serum by One Love Organics is a favorite of mine - and it's glorious to spritz the oil on after a bath, then curl up in some cozy pajamas and grab a book before bed.
  10. Make it a ritual! I'm a big fan of salt baths - they're my go to anytime I need to reset. But even if you're not a bath junkie, it's still a great ritual to practice at least once a week. Maybe start with a salt bath every Sunday, and as that becomes routine, see if you'd like to add more baths to your weekly routine. In my book, you really can't overdo it on salt baths, so if you feel called to make these a daily practice, then go for it!

Do you have any other salt bath or other self care rituals? Favorite oils + crystals to use in your baths? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments, or how you plan to apply these tips to your routine. Massive love to you!