Who Are You To Desire More?


Have you ever found yourself thinking “Who are you to deserve/be that?”

Whatever 'that' is. Financial abundance. A wildly successful business. Great sex. Incredible confidence in your sexy body. Huge amounts of self love. Rocking relationships. A beautiful home. Tons of energy. A solid meditation practice. 

I could go on for hours - and so many of us go on with this way of thinking for not only hours, but years and years of their lives. Their worthiness wounds define what they allow into their lives - what they think the deserve.

And it kills me, because I know there's a better way. 

We're so programmed from childhood onward that we have to earn anything in life. That things aren't just handed to you, that it isn't supposed to be easy or fun to make tons of money, to be wildly successful and fulfilled in our work, or to thrive in our relationships with others and with ourselves. 

I believe that all of the above is just conditioning, and that's it's all coming from fear-based patterns and beliefs we've been taught to believe are true - rather than seeing them as a choice. In my work, I teach that you can either choose to let your love-mind (or intuition) run the show, or you can choose to operate from those fear minded beliefs. 

So I have a challenge for you. Every time you ask yourself 'who am I to deserve/be that?' immediately follow up with 'who am I not to?' 

And then listen.

Your fear minded belief systems will pop up here, and DAMN are they loud. But your intuition - that part of you that was brave enough to read this post, to dream your heart's desires, to say yes to healing + growth - will speak up too.

Your intuition's voice can come in so many forms - signs, hearing thoughts in your head, -ing writing, gut knowing, etc. And when you start to challenge this old belief that you're somehow broken, flawed or unworthy, that presence starts to get stronger and louder.

What I know for sure is that you are a divine being of the Universe. You are completely supported, safe, nourished and loved. And that you are worthy just because you breathe. Because you think. Because you desire things. You are worthy because you are human. And, your worthiness does not detract from anyone else's. Your abidance does not equate to another person's lack.

This is what answers the question 'who am I not to deserve/be everything that I desire?'

Tell me in the comments what you deserve, and what you're deciding that you're worthy of TODAY! 

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