Health coach, spiritual coach, life coach... what am I?


In the coaching world, everywhere we look someone is telling us to find a niche, hone in, find your people, be clear.

And I don’t think that’s bad advice. Especially with my background in marketing, I know that targeting too wide of an audience is a problem.

But, I’ve struggled with defining my niche myself - and particularly struggled with what the hell to call myself.

See, when I first started out as a coach, I saw myself a 100% a health coach. Looking at physical health, but also touching on mental, emotional and spiritual health as they related to the body.

But as my work, development and business grew, things shifted, and slowly but surely I’ve expanded my work and my practice.

I still help my clients with nutrition questions, intuitive eating, and building the foundation of a healthy body to support their lives. And my Body Full(fillment) Project Program dives deep into healing your relationship with good and physical activity. But the work I do with my clients is so much bigger than that.

At its core, the work I do is about self-worth. It’s about discovering the way your mind operates, deciding what works and what doesn’t, then reprogramming those negative or limiting patterns in both the mind and the body. 

And as we reprogram those beliefs, my clients are able to tap back into their inherent sense of worthiness. Of being enough. Of being powerful, badass, confident, clear cocreators of their life.

From that place, we get to work creating the life of your dreams. I work with my clients in their businesses. Their careers. Their finances and money mentality. Their relationships. Their families. Their self love and self care. Their intuition. Their spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health. 

I am a health coach. A business coach. An intuitive healer. A meditation and yoga teacher. A soul sister. A spiritual teacher. A light seeker, and a light bringer. I help you bring your life to the surface. I help you heal that feeling of unworthiness, so you can have and create all that you desire. 

This work is a huge deal. This work is radical. It is powerful. It is comprehensive. It is the essence of transformation.

And I’m so honored to hold space for my people. 

I have three spots open for my VIP Radical Transformation program. Applications are rolling in, and these spots will sell out. Take the first step toward your dreams and apply today.