Hey gorgeous - Chelsea here.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to launch, build and grow a business - one that isn’t just profitable but also sustainable and dare I say it… fun.

I’m on a mission to help women who want to create massive impact, influence and income through powerful, visionary, heart-centered businesses.

And this bundle it designed to give you everything you need to get started… and none of the BS you don’t.

There’s A LOT of content out there on how to start your business. Courses on how to start your FB group and build a website and create offers and sell and set up funnels and run ads and build your brand.

I’ve found that so many entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners end up drowning in information - consuming all the content, downloading all the freebies and buying course after course. They may even invest in a coach who teaches them one particular strategy… only to find that strategy doesn't work for you.

I created this Business Basics Bundle to cut through the noise - and give you the basics you need to create a solid foundation for your business, start creating offers and selling them to the world.

The bundle will be available on Monday, May 6. If you purchase it before then, you’ll access the presale price of $97 (or 2 payments of $88).

On May 6, the price goes up to $197 (or 3 payments of $88).

Do you….

  • Want to start or have started a business based on helping people

  • Feel overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS people say about starting online business

  • Want help building an audience, creating your brand, figuring out what to say or write, creating your offers and selling them, or using social media and online platforms to build your business

  • Are a self starter and know you’ll take action on what you learn

If you’re saying YESSSS, then I made this bundle for you.


Be the CEO to Run a Business, Not an Expensive Hobby

Messaging + Content

  • Identify Your Specialty and how to communicate it, the transformation you bring

  • Ideal Clients 

  • Consistency of messaging 

  • Content prompts - what to say and how to say it

Creating Your Soul Aligned Offers + Selling Them (at the prices you want)

  • High ticket, high touch? Or low ticket, high volume? 

  • Energetics of Money, Clients, success, etc.

  • Selling is sexy

  • Selling, Strategies + Launching

  • Make your ideas database to quit procrastinating

  • Be consistent. Have faith. Keep going. 

Social Media 101

  • Instagram 101: Including stories, feeds, hashtags, lives, IGTV, etc

  • Facebook 101: Including groups, personal page, business page, lives, etc.

  • Use Your Social Media As Your Website

  • Other Social Media Options

  • What Do I Post? Content Guide

Website Basics

  • When Do You Need a Website?

  • Website Building 101


  • Creating Courses + Digital Content Offers

  • Tech Tools

  • Affiliate Marketing 

  • How to launch a blog or podcast

  • PR + Media Basics

Oh and perhaps the best part - if you have a question, issue or struggle, you can share it with me and I’ll create a training + add it to this bundle.

When you purchase the bundle, you have access for life - including free access to any new content and upgrades.

>> It’s kind of like a loophole to have me as your business coach at a fraction of the cost of my 1:1 coaching <<

I’m doing that because I want you to have ALL THE THINGS you need to start and run a successful, enjoyable and profitable business. And NONE of the things you don’t need.

Because if you’re here, I believe in you. I believe you have something important, valuable and impactful to share with the world. And I’m committed to making it easier to make that happen for you.

Less overwhelm, perfectionism and anxiety. More doing, thriving and expanding.

If you’re feeling the pull, you know what to do.