private 1:1 mentorship

Hello, sister. I'm so glad you're here.

That your intuition led you to this invitation to step into your own unfolding.

You're being called to step forward into a new paradigm of living, loving, working and being in the world. 

To say yes to embodying your truth, discovering and sharing your unique medicine and gifts with the world, and owning + creating everything you desire.

To finally own the fact that you’re on this planet to make a massive impact on the world, and to live a beautiful, abundant life while doing so.

Just by filling out this application you are declaring a shift in your world.

This is for the woman who is ready to elevate, no matter what it takes.

Who knows she's alive to do more than survive.

Who wants - no, needs - to do more than work 40 hours a week and wait for retirement.  

Your intution led you here for a reason. Your soul is calling for healing, purpose, expansion, abundance.

This is your time. Let’s get started.

I’d guess you…

  • think you totally suck at manifesting. You’re doing the manifestation work, but not getting the results you desire.

  • feel blocked by your trauma, past pain and stories.

  • are exhausted from your life of all hustle, no flow.

  • regularly explain shitty experiences by saying, ‘this is just how things work for me. This is how it’s always been.”

  • feel like you’ve got something to prove; you have to learn more, earn more, do more to be worthy of what you desire

  • wonder if the Universe just forgot about you.

  • want to shift out of survival mode for good… but aren’t sure what it would even look like to thrive in every area of your life.


Here’s what is ultimately true:

you are pure, divinely planned magic.

And it’s time for you to active the purpose, power and potential that exists within you.

For you to claim and enjoy the abundance of love, wealth, purpose, impact and bliss that is your divine birthright.

For you to heal down through your soul so you can create the life, love and work you desire.

Worthiness, abundance and ecstasy flow through your veins. I know this to be true with every fiber of my being.

it’s time for your life to feel ‘omg is this really happening’ good

It’s one thing to know this… and another entirely to embody it deep within your being.

You already understand your stories, you’ve looked back at your relationship to money and your parents and first loves and success. You can analyze your stories and patterns all day - and probably have with a therapist and your BFF over a few glasses of wine.

But when the analysis is done and you’re still not living and loving the life you desire, there’s one culprit:

your nervous system.

Fortunately, working in your nervous system is my number one priority in my Soul Aligned Abundance Mentorship. Here’s how it works…

First, we’ll unlock your cosmic blueprint by analyzing your Human Design chart and understand your energetic patterns by diagnosing your chakra system.

>> this is our map for understanding who you are really, why you are here and what you deeply desire in life, PLUS getting crystal clear on what’s blocking you from creating the thriving life, love and work you’ve been dreaming of.

Once we’ve unlocked your cosmic map, we’ll go deep into the soul level healing and energetic mastery

energetic mastery.png

>> think healing karmic patterns, busting through your low self worth and self-sabotaging patterns and teaching you to be a ninja in your own energy field. Reprogram the beliefs that have kept you in survivor mode, and make you the master of your vibration so you can finally start to thrive.

You’ll often hear me talk about healing your nervous system or your energy field - they’re the same thing. So much coaching, therapy and other healing tools doesn’t work with your energy field to heal through every layer of your being.

This is how you end up feeling like you’ve done all the things but it’s still not working.

Good news: that deep shit is what I’m all about.

I facilitate deep healing to guide women from surviving to thriving in love, life and business.

I help you discover and create the work you love, cultivate epic love and intimacy, call in community and fall in love with your life. We activate your abundance, reclaim your power and dial up your worthiness. You feel confident, abundant, relaxed, powerful AF.

You learn to trust yourself, and rely on your intuition to guide you to the next right action. You discover your unique blend of magic, and get to share it with the world.

I help you find and pull out the trauma and energetic gunk that’s been clogging up your field and blocking your manifestation flow.

You see your impact, income and influence grow with every moment of every day.

If you're feeling the pull, trust yourself. Fill out the application below, and I'll reach out to schedule an alignment session if we feel like a fit.


when we work together, you can expect:

  • OMG moments wondering if life really gets to be this good all the time (heads up - it does)

  • Clarity on what you desire in life, love and work + purpose

  • Mind, body and soul reprogramming - we clear every layer of negative belief, lack, self doubt and unworthiness blocking your flow, abundance and bliss

  • Powerful healing of any and all limiting beliefs, blocks, resistance and self sabotaging patterns stuck in your subconscious mind and nervous system (energy field) that have stopped you from getting everything you desire

  • Discovering who you are really, and unapologetically embodying the next level version of yourself in every moment

  • Ripple effect on everyone in your life; when you activate your magic, your tribe will rise to meet you

  • Manifestation work to call in the job opportunities, promotions, partners, money, friendships, clients and everything you deeply desire

  • No more being ruled by your past pains and future worries. Step into the inspired, empowered, confident, worthy and abundant life you’re meant for.

  • Weekly connection, support and guidance both on sessions and in between audio + text support

  • Custom Aligned Action list after every session to activate your divine masculine energy and make manifesting a breeze

  • Next level accountability so you follow through on all of your aligned activation steps 

  • All the tools, resources and practices you need to stay fully aligned and in your cocreative power and magnetic essence

  • An all-inclusive VIP weekend in NYC, custom-curated to help you embody your highest self and anchor in all of your work

With all clients, I use a combination of intuitive life + business coaching, tapping, subconscious reprogramming, embodiment and breath work, energy and chakra healing, calling on others tools and practices as needed.

Applications + alignment sessions are reserved for those ready to invest in themselves + answer the call.

Let's get started. Once you submit your application, I’ll be in touch within 72 hours to schedule an alignment session if we feel like a match.

During your session, we’ll discuss the best program for you, cocreate an aligned activation plan for your elevation, and discover whether we’re a good fit.

I can’t wait to meet you.




how it works

So you scrolled to the bottom of the page because you wanted to know more about what this program includes. I see you, over-analyzer. And I am happy to share the details.

My 1:1 Soul Aligned VIP Intensive is a five month 1:1 mentorship program all about helping you discover what you truly want (fuck the shoulds, do the wants) in life, love and work, clear out the gunk, patterns, pain and trauma in your energy field to activate your abundance flow and hold you accountable to consistently showing up and acting as your highest self.

You’ll get:

  • 2 x 90 minute deep dive healing + alignment sessions

  • 18 x 60 minutes intuitive coaching sessions

  • Aligned Activation list after every session, aka the map to your success

  • Text + Audio messenger access to me in between sessions + one month after our sessions end

  • Custom guided meditations, practices and energy healing work as needed

  • Access to all of my existing programs + anything I release during our time together

  • All-inclusive VIP weekend in NYC, custom-curated to help you embody your highest self and anchor in all of our work (you just cover your flight)

  • The ability to join my alumni network and get access to free live events, trainings, coaching + support, exclusive discounts and more.