Welcome to phase two of your Divine Desires journey!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll focus on diving deep into your healing journey.

Remember that your path is not determined by anything but you - maybe this month you go big and start applying these tools to your life everyday. Or maybe, this month is about learning, and you’ll integrate when you’re ready.

There is no right way.

There are two primary tools I’ll be sharing with you - tapping and embodiment work. I see two sides to everything in life - the divine masculine and divine feminine. The structure and the creation. The foundation and the flow.

To me, tapping is the work that helps to get your mindset right and release deep seated fears and patterns in your nervous system.

Embodiment work brings in the feminine release that is required for deep, transformational, soul level healing. Embodiment practice is what brought me to the place of finally being able to let go of my deepest traumas. It allowed me to feel and release the stories that kept me stuck in survival mode.

Start with these trainings + practices, and share your experiences + questions in our group.


This is my free tapping masterclass > more insights and information to clear up any questions about tapping and how it works.


TRE: Tension + Trauma Releasing Exercises