Welcome to your guided embodiment practice.

Embodiment work is one of my favorite tools.

Here’s the thing: in order to create the life, work and love you desire, you’ve got to go beyond affirmations and mindset work.

You’ve got to heal deeply - down to your soul level.

And you’ve got to master you energy and clear any blocks and stuck patterns from your field.

Embodiment work allows you to fully release emotions that have gotten stuck in your nervous system. Over the days, weeks, months and years, those unprocessed emotions and feelings get calcified in your field and become blocks.

Use this practice to get deep into those calcified pockets in your energy field, fully release them and activate your abundance.

Start by finding a safe space where you can make sound, cry, moan, yell or release in whatever way you need.

Put a pillow under the door, lock it, tell your roommate or partner you need the apartment. Do what you need to do!

Make sure you have at least 30-45 minutes for this practice.

Lay down on the floor with cushions and blankets, or on a bed or couch. Cover your eyes if you’d like, and then press play.

Here’s to your expansion into your next level.