Hey goddess - I’m so thrilled to share this incredible practice with you.

Embodiment work is one of my favorite tools. This practice creates a powerful container for release, clearing emotional blocks, self sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs from your energy field.


Here’s the thing: in order to create the life, work and love you desire, you’ve got to go beyond affirmations and mindset work.

You’ve got to heal deeply - down to your soul level.

And you’ve got to master your energy and clear any blocks and stuck patterns from your field.

Embodiment work allows you to fully release emotions that have gotten stuck in your nervous system. Over the days, weeks, months and years, those unprocessed emotions and feelings get calcified in your field and become blocks.

Use this practice to get deep into those calcified pockets in your energy field, fully release them and activate your abundance.

Embody Your Cocreative Power includes one guided embodiment practice.

Originally recorded for my Divine Desires Group Mentorship, this practice is infused with deep healing energy, and designed to help you deeply connect to yourself and release anything keeping you stuck, small and feeling lost.

If you’ve been hustling with no flow, manifesting without the results and are feeling so sick of things not working out, this practice is key to your next level.