Newsflash: you are a magical human made of stardust.

And it is my job to help you become mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally stronger. (AKA help you see yourself as the rest of us do)

If you've made it here, you know that buying more kale or a new gym membership or thinking yourself into the highest vibration isn't going to cut it. But you aren't sure what to do instead. 

Well love, I'm so glad you made it here, because your life is about to change - if you're ready. 

Welcome to the Body Full(fillment) Project.

A few years ago, I was stuck in a vicious cycle. I'd been doing a lot of things right - yoga, meditation, drinking enough water, eating kale and drinking the occasional green juice. I even got into routines: I found accountability partners, tried week-long juice cleanses, and bought myself new shoes and leggings to make working out more appealing.  But no matter what I did, I couldn't attain the level of happiness, health and most importantly confidence that I was craving.

It felt like there was something wrong with me. Why couldn't I lose the cellulite, get the abs, or figure out a way to love my body and feel confident even with cellulite and a little jiggle here and there?

The answer is simple - I was focused on the wrong thing. I was looking outside for validation of my self worth - and trying to find the next fix to help me figure out how to love myself.

But here's the key: Once you love yourself, the rest comes easy.

And that’s where the Body Full(fillment) Project comes in.

This isn’t just another diet, another four week challenge where we’ll learn about what to eat, add powders and supplements to shakes and log our workouts everyday. This is a program that teaches you to tap into your intuition, and start to eat, move and think from that wisdom.

If you're ready to kick insecurity to the curb, the Body Full(fillment) Project is for you.

See, as women, we are all pre-wired to tap into our intuition. You know that feeling you get when something just feels so very right? Or the opposite - when you know something is totally off? That feeling you get ‘in your gut’?

That's your intuition.

That inner guidance is always available to us - and even better, she always comes with guidance that serves our highest good.

But over the years, we stopped listening to our intuition, instead tapping into the louder voices of fear and ego - the voices that tell you you’re not good enough, not thin enough, not healthy enough. The voices that tell you maybe you’re just not capable of losing the weight we desire, or maybe working out and eating healthfully  just isn’t for you.

I think it’s time to put a stop to that.

The reality is, your body was designed to move. Your body is designed to support you as you go out into the world to do your soul’s beautiful, meaningful work. And when you support and nourish your body, you can take your success, growth, joy and abundance into the next level.

This four week transformational program will help you clear out + rewrite the old stories and limiting beliefs you have around food, fitness and your body, then reprogram your mindset to create the new ideas + beliefs you desire. Throughout this process, we’ll heal your mind-body connection, so you can learn to harness the power of your physical body to uplevel your mindset, and allow your mindset to support your physical temple.

When that happens, mind and body refuel and replenish one another in the most perfect, infinite loop of love and light. It’s pretty badass.

In the Body Full(fillment) Project, we’ll cover:

  • Module One: Clear Out Your Food + Fitness Stories - make way for new beliefs

  • Module Two: Eat Like You Love Yourself - an intuitive approach to nourishment

  • Module Three: Move Like You Love Yourself - let your inner guide run your fitness

  • Module Four: Mind-Body Integration - Cleansing the Physical Body to Harness your Power

Each module includes two guided meditations, journaling prompts, EFT + mirror work, as well as concrete action steps to keep you consistent and accountable as we go through the program.


What is the Body Full(fillment) Project?

The Body Full(fillment) Project is a divinely inspired group coaching program + digital course that helps you learn to tap back into your intuition so you can eat, move, think and live like you love yourself.

We use an intuitive, holistic approach to achieving those new year’s resolutions of losing weight, getting fit or eating more healthfully. If you’re tired of dieting, feeling like a failure around your health, struggling to feel confident and sexy in your own skin, or of the next fad product or protocol, this program is for you.

We’ll combine mindset work with concrete, physical changes to create incredible, sustainable results.

This program doesn’t teach you a diet or a protocol - it teaches a lifestyle.


Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone who wants to:

  • Get clear on what you want from your relationship to food and physical fitness

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs around your body, relationship with food and physical movement

  • Get rid of self doubt and self sabotaging habits around their physical health

  • Fine tune their health and rebuild the mind-body connection to tap into their manifesting magic

  • Show up as their brightest, most radiant selves

If you want to ditch dieting and limiting protocols in exchange for mindset work and physical healing, AND you're ready to do this seep soul work, this program is for you.

This program is NOT for you if you're looking for another quick fix, if you're hoping to watch four modules and see immediate transformation, or if you're not ready and willing to show up for the program and for the homework. 



Q: What can I expect from this program?

A: As your teacher and coach, I will provide support, love, guidance and the space for you to heal your old wounds and release all the stories and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you - and are keeping you small.

Together, we'll help you release any victim mentality. We'll create a step by step plan to help you co-create and build the life you desire. When you do the work, you'll walk away happier, healthier and more aligned than you've ever imagined possible. 

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Absolutely! I offer flexible payment plans, detailed right down here.

Q: Can you guarantee results?

A: Everything I coach on and teach is work that I have done myself - and that I've taught my clients. When you show up consistently and do the work, a shift will happen. If you want to learn more about what shifts my clients have experienced, read my testimonials here.

After each module, you'll walk away with:

  • Journaling prompts + reflection questions to help you rewrite your negative self talk and break through your blocks around, food, fitness, self confidence and body love

  • Confidence + a newfound love for life and for yourself

  • Practical tools via recordings, videos, notes and worksheets

  • Guided meditations tailored for each module's breakthroughs

  • The bounce in your step that comes with fresh excitement and accountability

  • Action steps + homework to keep you motivated + consistent

  • Renewed energy and radiance from being supported and heard

  • Bonus trainings, recordings, and resources to deepen your work

In the the Body Full(fillment) Project, you will:

  • Develop body love and self-confidence

  • Identify unhealed wounds and release them to find true freedom

  • Cultivate more joy, flow and ease in daily life

  • Understand what's triggering unhealthy food relationships

  • Reclaim a relationship with spirituality that fits their life

  • Heal their intuition to tap into constant inspiration and peace

  • Create an exercise routine they love

  • Add self-care to day-to-day life

  • Eat intuitively and stop emotional eating for good

  • Replace breakouts with glowing skin

  • And so much more.

Want to know What other people think about working with me?

I love every single one of the amazing clients I've worked with, and am so grateful for their kind words.


"Chelsea has the nutritional knowledge - she's an expert here, so she was able to give me info that I would have had to piece together from multiple people/places. 

The shifts she suggested weren't overwhelming, because she helped me see the baby steps I could take at first and then how to build on them. 

I would recommend her to any woman wanting to make a shift in her wellness and who resonates who doing integrative work around it."

- Michelle Ward, Career Coach @ When I Grow Up Coach

"Chelsea is an AMAZING listener who provided me with wellness coaching based on me and my lifestyle -- and not on some ideal diet or ideal body I'm supposed to have.

This is rare, and such a gift. I already changed many ingrained habits (I quit caffeine and sugary juice, for starters), after only a short time with Chelsea. Highly recommended."

- May Flam, Personal Power + Confidence Coach @ May Flam



"After your training tonight I started to feel a lot of emotion and overwhelm from thinking about all the ways my parents taught me to body shame myself. I was taken back to the root of my body shaming.

So I felt called to do some tapping on these feelings and afterwords I just sat down with my laptop and my fingers just flew across the keyboard. I didn't even know what I was typing until I read it on the page. It was like I was overcome with this higher power I want to call it. It was totally elevating.

I feel like I just leveled up. Like I just released something I didn't even know needed to be released.

I remember reading on your website months before I started working with you, "I'm going to help you change your life." And I remember thinking, "this girl seems super amazing, but I doubt she's actually going to be able to change my life. I can just do the work on my own." TOTAL FEAR MIND. TOTAL CRAP. You have been such a guiding force, such great support, and resource."

- Samantha Durkee, Millennial Money Coach @ Samantha Durkee


Do You Crave body full(fillment)?

Are you ready to FINALLY get out of your own way, and learn to unleash the power that comes when you work the magic of your mind body connection?

Are you ready to do the work to clear out the old stories and limiting beliefs that have been living in your body and keeping you stuck?

Are you ready for Food + Fitness Freedom?

If you answered yes, then this group coaching program is for you. 

the Body Full(fillment) Project VIP Experience

Investment: $850

  • Module One: Clear Out Your Stories

  • Module Two: Eat Like You Love Yourself

  • Module Three: Move Like You Love Yourself

  • Module Four: Mind-Body Integration; Cleansing the Physical Body to Harness your Power

  • Journaling exercises

  • Two custom guided meditations for each module

  • Two 50-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with me ($700 value)

the Body Full(fillment) Project self study course

investment: $444

  • Module One: Clear Out Your Stories

  • Module Two: Eat Like You Love Yourself

  • Module Three: Move Like You Love Yourself

  • Module Four: Mind-Body Integration; Cleansing the Physical Body to Harness your Power

  • Journaling exercises

  • Two custom guided meditations for each module


  • HEALTHY BODY // HAPPY MIND BUNDLE - $380 value, including…

  • Breakfast of Champions Recipe eBook

  • Elimination Diet Protocol + Cheat Sheet

  • Healthy Snacking Masterclass + Cheat Sheet (lifetime access)

  • Understand Your Cravings Masterclass (lifetime access)


Payment Plans

the Body Full(fillment) Project VIP Experience

Four bi-weekly payments of $224

the Body Full(fillment) Project SELF STUDY

Four bi-weekly payments of $111


meet chelsea

Hey love, I'm Chelsea, and I'm GOING TO HELP YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Whoa… that’s a bold ass claim. And I’m proud to stand behind it. But don’t take it from me. My clients have told me that they feel happier and better able to cope with their day to day stress. That I help them accomplish goals at such a rapid rate that it feels like they’re constantly growing into a new person. A new level.

They told me they feel huge surges of confidence, and realized that they love themselves too much to keep ignoring their own needs.

My clients have called me a beautiful boss babe who shapes and elevates their lives in numerous ways. They’ve called me a badass bitch – in the best way possible.

And that’s because I’ve changed their lives. Even better – I’ve empowered them to change their own lives.

I’m able to do that because I’ve changed my own life. See, a few years ago I stumbled into a yoga classes and started on my path toward healing myself. Healing myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’m not going to tell you that I had this sudden moment of genius and clarity when I realized that I needed to work on myself in order to live a happy fulfilled life, because that’s not how it happened. And I don’t think that’s how it happens for most of us.

I didn’t turn around because I hit bottom. I’ve had some serious shitstorms in my life, but those dark spots weren’t what led me to find the light. It was the bits of light that I stumbled across (thanks, Universe) that piqued my interest. I liked the way that first yoga class felt, so I did some more. I liked what happened when I sat quietly to watch my breath, so I did a little more. I felt so grateful to my teachers for creating a safe, loving space for me to show up and move, so I became a teacher.

Bit by bit. One little piece, lesson, practice, and experience at a time.

It’s taken me more than a decade to get to where I am. And I’m still learning. I still show up to my mat or my meditation pillow (it’s just a regular pillow from my couch) or my journal as curious as I was when I started.

That’s why I change lives. Because I keep showing up for me, and in doing so get to show up for my clients in new, different ways every day.

The problem with the way I did things is that it took forever, and I wasted a lot of time on bogus quick fixes or beating myself for not making the changes I was trying to make. 


Because working with coaches and teachers who inspire me, who’ve done the work I need to do, who make me look at things differently and who encourage me to show up for myself has magnified my growth tenfold.

That’s what I get to do for you.