Aligned Abundance Accelerator | Prework

Welcome to your prework for the Aligned Abundance Accelerator.

Buckle up for the next several months of transformation, uplevels, and integration.

There’s a beautiful thing that happens when you commit to your dreams, to the desires of your soul.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well love, you’ve decided. Get ready for the Universe to conspire.

And remember, that doesn’t always look the way you’d expect.

Anything that doesn’t serve your next level will be on its way out. This is a business program, yes. We’re going into pricing, strategy, content, offering creation, selling. All things making money.

And, it’s a soul evolution first.

The women who are called to live in freedom, play life by their own rules, and make an impact are not born to be normal.

You are not normal. You are extraordinary.

Dig into these videos to start building your foundation. And start leaning into the shedding process.

Watch the fear coming up. What are you afraid of? What’s it really trying to tell you?


  • We start officially Monday, August 26th. That’s when your first module will drop and we’ll have our first coaching call - keep an eye out for more info to access the course, fill out your intake survey and find out when our first call will be.

  • Until then, dig into the business foundations content - part one is available immediately, part two opens July 31 - as well as the abundance trainings below.

  • Start the personal shifts and creating your strong foundation in my Take Your Power Back course. Use the code AAAUNLOCKED to enroll in the course for free.

  • If you joined during early bird, book your 2 private calls here.

  • You have email access to me starting now and lasting through the end of the program. Reach out anytime you need support, have questions, have a breakdown or breakthrough.

  • I’ll be sharing the link to join our private community the week before we get started - keep an eye on your inbox.

This journey gets to be whatever you make of it. Lean in now. Lean in hard. Show up. Do the work. Be supported.

And get ready to change your life.

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