CHAKRA Abundance Activation energy healing

Abundance is about so much more than just money. And I hope that in addition to using the tools in Money Mentality Makeover to heal your relationship to money, you’ll also start to apply these lessons to creating abundance in every area of your life.

I use the chakras as a map to guide you to abundance in every area. Each chakra contains a certain program and frequency that relates to themes in your life. Your personal power and self worth, your money, safety and security, your creativity and sexual power, your ability to give and receive love, your connection to source and inspiration….

This bonus is designed to get you into the frequency of abundance in every area of your life, using the chakras.

Use this like you would a guided meditation or energy healing - take time to create a cozy space, lay down and receive.

A note for you, dear one.

This healing practice will ask you to feel the feelings of abundance in each area of your life - some of those feelings might be totally new to your system. If you’re struggling to cultivate the feelings on your own, that’s okay. Call to mind a person or situation who embodies that feeling for you, and then try that energy on yourself.

For example, if you’re trying to feel the energy of power, being empowered and feeling like you can do anything… who in your life embodies that? How would you feel if you were them? Try on their energy to download the frequency into your field, and then practice holding it.

The more you practice holding these energies of abundance, the easier it gets for your system to vibrate at these frequencies all the time. And then, the easier it gets to manifest and maintain all of your desires into your life.


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