schedule by the chakras | CLOSING

Thank you, thank you for joining me for this workshop.

My intention was to create a simple, MASSIVELY powerful way to completely reframe the way you live your life. 

To create an easy, clear format for living and scheduling your life based FIRST on your energetic and body needs, rather than programming.I hope you're feeling

  • excited, empowered, and inspired to take action.

  • everything you just learned makes sense and is super achievable.

  • inspired to learn more about the chakras, and how you can use them as a powerful map for your own expansion.

And I hope that you run with this workshop. Take action, so you can build momentum toward living the life you desire.

This tool is something you can return to again and again. Now that you've learned this process, I encourage you to return to it anytime you're feeling off, overwhelmed, disconnected. The chakras will always guide you back to yourself, and this process shows you how to use the chakra map.

If you have questions, please reach out to me here.

Loving you from afar.