Welcome, love, to Foundation to Flow.

In this workshop, you'll create a unique blueprint, customized to support you in living your life in alignment with each of your chakras needs. 

If you're brand new to the chakras, I'd recommend signing up for my free chakra course here. This course will give you an overview of each chakra, as well as a library of practices you can rely on.

My primary intention for this workshop is to give you simple, actionable tools and practices that you can return to, and to help you create a structure (via your new schedule) for making those changes happen consistently. 

One thing I know for sure is that practice + consistency creates massive change.


You have instant access to every part of this workshop.

If you'd like, you can review it all in one day, and be living a new schedule designed to balance  your chakras by next week. 

Or you can take things slow, going step by step and taking your time moving through each part. 

How quickly you go is completely up to you. My only ask is that you put into this workshop what you hope to get out. 

There are three main stages in this Course:

  1. Schedule Inventory | Collect some data on how you think you're currently spending your time, then learn how you're actually spending it. Identify the major leaks to your time and energy - and find the spots that are causing you to stay anxious, stressed and stuck in survival mode.

  2. Chakra Inventory | Discover where you're already strong in chakra balancing activities, which chakras are most in need of support, and what activities or practices will be most nourishing. This is where you learn to diagnose your own energy field, find your power leaks, and prescribe activities + practices to heal your aura and master your energy.

  3. Schedule x Chakras | Combine your existing schedule, obligations and commitments with new practices to integrate chakra work into every day and take back your power to heal yourself, feel safe and supported in your daily life and start to thrive.

And two bonuses:

  • Tapping Tools to heal your money mindset

  • Chakra Abundance Activation energy healing

With that, you're ready to dive in. I'm so grateful you're here.