Foundation to Flow - Sacred SCHEDULE X CHAKRAS

We're ready to bring it all together. 

By this point, you've hopefully done the masculine work of getting clear on what your schedule currently looks like and how you're truly spending your time.

That clarity ultimately gives you some freedom and power to play with your schedule - looking at empty spaces or activities and obligations that aren't fulfilling and cutting those out to make room for nourishing practices. 

Then, you've discovered where your life is currently nurturing your energetic needs, using the chakra system as a road map for your healing and learning. 

That's one of the primary ways I think of the chakras - as a map for your own self growth, learning and expansion. A map that will continue to guide you even as you shift and evolve. 

And to make this shit applicable to the real world - because we're humans living in a capitalist world - we're taking all of that and putting it back into your calendar, your day-to-day, your busy and bustling life.



Head back to the schedule template you created for part one of this workshop (didn't do that yet? Click the SCHEDULE X CHAKRAS button to access the template).

For this, you'll want to have your chakra balancing checklist, your existing schedule AND your schedule template in front of you. 

If you're a pen and paper human like me, then just break out your journal or some paper and rock out there. 

Maybe one day we'll meet up in person and I'll give you a beautifully printed and bound workbook - who knows.

Looking at your existing schedule, copy and paste anything that definitely HAS to stay into the SCHEDULE X CHAKRAS tab of your sheet. Things like a job, regular meetings or appointments, taking kids to and from school, etc. 

Then, copy and paste anything in your existing schedule that you REALLY LOVE. What lights you up? Makes you feel alive? Ignites you? All of that can stay.

Now, look at your chakra balancing checklist. Can you check anything off that already exists in your schedule? 


Add in practices to your week based on your checklist. There's no right or wrong way to do this. A few ideas:

  • If you noticed you're really struggling in 1-2 chakras, focus on those for the next month, including practices into your daily life to balance those chakras.

  • Include 1-2 practices every week (or day, if you're feeling it) for each chakra.

  • Balance your entire chakra system from the bottom up, spending 1-2 weeks including every activity from your checklist for each chakra. Start from the root and work your way up.

And that's that! You've got a beautiful, aligned and integrated way to commit to your own wellbeing, spiritual practice and energetic needs act your fingertips.

The most important piece is that now you take action. I did my best in creating this workshop to make it so simple and actionable for you.I want you to take action and make the changes to your daily schedule, so that you can reap the benefits of regular chakra work. 

NOTE: changing schedule? This is your space. 

Look at your weekly or monthly schedule. After you do the schedule inventory, you should see some areas where you can shift, make space, and create containers for your non-negotaibles. 

Because you have a changing schedule, you're not going to put 'Grounding Meditation, 7 am Tuesday" on your schedule - because some Tuesdays it might not happen! 

So, you'll create more general containers. Rather than noting Tuesday at 7 am, you'll create containers for "My days off," or "Days I work at night," or "Practices for when I Travel." 

Now, I want you to journal on two questions:

  1. What regular containers can you create? Use the above examples to get yourself started, and look at your schedule inventory to see what themes, and types of days you typically have. Make a list of each, then plug your daily chakra work into those containers.

  2. Are there consistent times every week you can dedicate to doing this work? Maybe as part of a morning or evening practice. Mark those on your schedule.

In the schedule inventory spreadsheet, you'll use the Fluid Schedule tab to write in your different containers, and structure those different days based on your needs, rather than listing activities for each days of the week. Notice how this allows you to build structure and consistency into even the most variable schedule.