Foundation to Flow

design a life you love that meets your energetic needs - without selling your stuff and becoming a monk.


I’ve created a simple, MASSIVELY powerful way to completely reframe the way you live your life.

A super clear format for living and scheduling your life based FIRST on your energetic and body needs, rather than old programming and limiting beliefs.

Combining wisdom from the Chakra system with productivity work and divine masculine practices, Foundation to Flow is a simple, actionable course that helps you diagnose your energy field and create prescriptions for self healing and manifesting your dreams into your daily existence.

We’ll help you understand how to diagnose worthiness wounds and energy leaks (aka the causes of anxiety, low self worth, comparison and jealousy, the need to numb out, overwhelm, burnout and more) then create a sacred schedule that infuses your daily life with practices, rituals and boundaries to change your life - from the inside out.

It’s kind of like paint by numbers for your soul.

Simple. Actionable. Transformational.

do you…

  • Feel like you’re constantly working, hustling and making to-do lists, but never actually get anything done?

  • Get overwhelmed by your schedule?

  • Love the idea of the chakras, but want a tangible, actionable process to use the chakras in your daily life?

  • Feel like never have enough time to do what’s most important to you?

  • Lack motivation, momentum, and follow-through - especially when it comes to your personal development and healing work?

  • Want to commit to a daily spiritual and personal development practice, but always end up falling off the wagon?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I made Foundation to Flow for you.

we’ll cover…

  • SCHEDULE INVENTORY // take inventory of where you’re at - so we can uncover where you need to go

  • CHAKRA INVENTORY // learn which chakras are balanced, which ones need some TLC, and practical ways to incorporate this work into your daily life

  • SCHEDULE X CHAKRAS // bringing it all together - create your ideal schedule in a way that you can ACTUALLY stick to

By the end of this program you will:

  • Have a schedule that feels deeply nourishing to every area of your life, and doesn’t require you to do anything drastic like quit your job and sell your stuff

  • Understand the chakra system, including how to tell when you’re out of alignment AND what to do to bring each of your 7 primary chakras back into balance

  • Build momentum toward your goals, intentions and dreams by taking control of your time, energy and attention, and investing them where it matters most

  • Feel safer in your physical body, fulfilled by your physical space and connected to the earth and the world around you

  • Be more confident in yourself and feel a greater sense of self esteem and worthiness

  • Have an easier, stronger relationship with your money, creativity, intuition and more


I have an inconsistent schedule - will this still work for me?

Yes, absolutely. I’ve included additional action steps, tools and resources for you to use if you have an inconsistent schedule - and in fact, it’s often even more important to take control of your time if you don’t have a set routine.

How quickly should I go through this course?

You have access to the materials (and any updates) for life. This is a self study course, and is designed to be clear, simple and super actionable. As soon as you register you’ll have instant access to the entire course.

The more consistently you take action, the faster you’ll see results in your energy, your mood and your life.

That said, this is meant to support you longterm. This is likely something you’ll return to again and again as your needs change, your life evolves and you feel led to adjust. Use this courses and the tools + process in it to grow and evolve as you do.

Do you offer payment plans?

I do! You can buy the course for one payment of $147, or two payments of $77 by using the buttons below.

Do you offer returns or refunds?

Per industry standard, and due to the nature of this program, no returns or refunds can be processed. Please review full terms & conditions before purchasing any product. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, please reach out to us and we’ll support you in any way we can.

Other questions? Please reach out to my team at