Hi there, dear friend. 

Thank you, thank you for joining me over the past week. 

I hope you feel inspired. That you've expanded your knowledge of the chakra system, and discovered some beautiful, nourishing practices to play with. 

If you want the chance to win a free session with me, be sure to read the PS at the bottom.

My intention for this course was to introduce you to the chakras, empower you to take action in getting your physical, energetic and spiritual needs met with simple practices and tools, and bring an awareness to how you may spend most of your time in your head, disconnected from the lower chakras, the body and all the wisdom it has to offer. 

How did I do?

If you have any questions or feedback, please send it my way. I will continue to tweak and expand this course anytime I learn or discover a way to make it better - and hearing from you is part of that process. 

I hope your passion for the chakras has been ignited, and that you're excited to dive in deeper. If you don’t already have your Chakra Course Journal, grab it here.

If you are, I have three resources to share. 

The first two are two incredible books by Anodea Judith - who is kind of the best of the best in the chakra world. 

Eastern Body, Western Mind details the development and function of each chakra, goes into detail about healing practices, and combines western psychology with this ancient wisdom. I won't lie, it's a thick book - but it's my go to resource when I'm doing chakra work.

Wheels of Life is appropriately called a user's guide to the chakra system. It's brilliant, insightful and actionable. If you're interested but not sure you want to dive deep into a 500 page book, Wheels of Life is a great place to start. 




The last resource is my workshop, Schedule by the Chakras. I mentioned this in your closing email yesterday - get some more info here. 

You have just a few hours left to use the code 24hours to save more than 50% off this transformational workshop. 

Schedule by the Chakras - use code 24hours for over 50% off

A few months back, I found myself drawn again to doing some deep chakra work. In the midst of a move, major business shifts, auditions for yoga jobs, taking on new clients, traveling a ton and working with an incredible mentor who totally kicks my ass. 

I was halfway obsessing over my calendar and trying to figure out how to fit in ALL THE THINGS. 

One day in my morning meditation, I had the idea come through. 

What if I created my new schedule based first around my chakra needs?

I've been playing with the idea, how exactly to make it work and discover which practices resonate most with my unique energetic needs and chakra patterning. 

And the end result is Schedule by the Chakras - a workshop that will teach you how a simple, clear format for living and scheduling your life based FIRST on your energetic and body needs, rather than old programming and limiting beliefs.

It's simple. It's actionable. It's transformational.

Living my life this way got me through a major money block. Allowed me to manifest an interview on my favorite high profile podcast. Brought me dream job opportunities and collaborations.

I want to make this an easy yes for you - because when you take the actions from the workshop, I know you'll experience deep healing and magic from your work. Every time I return to this workshop and process myself, I'm blown away by how powerful it is - and how simple it is to apply to my daily life.

Use the code 24hours to save more than 50% on Schedule by the Chakras.

Details + registration here.


I truly hope you'll keep applying everything you learned and playing with the practices I shared. If you want to do so with my help, hit reply to this email and let me know how this course served you. You'll be entered to win a free session with me. 

And, if this course did benefit you, please share it with your friends, family and loved ones. Send an email, post in on social media, whatever feels right. This work matters deeply to me - and I'd be honored to have your help in sharing it.

Here's to your continued expansion. 

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