Hello my love, and welcome to the final day of this chakra discovery. I’m so grateful you’ve made it here.

Please remember, you have access to these lessons and practices for life - if you missed a lesson or didn’t complete all of the practices, that’s okay.

Go back through. Start the course again. Pick a practice you loved, or one you know you need, and commit to practicing that every day for the next 21 days.

I designed this email course to allow you to dive into the chakras as easily and simply as possible.

You now have 14+ practices that will guide you to creating a healthier, more fulfilling and abundant life - I truly hope you’ll use them.

And now, for our big finale, the crown chakra. Just a few years ago, I had an incredibly closed, deficient crown chakra.

The crown chakra, also known as sahasrara in Sanskrit, is located at amd above the crown of your head., and develops from early adulthood throughout the rest of your life.

Dissociation from the body and the material world, head-in-the-clouds, spiritual addiction, overthinking and analyzing can all suggest excessive energy in the crown.

A deficient crown chakra is characterized by spiritual cynicism (hello, THIS GIRL just a few years ago), rigid belief systems, obsession with the material world, greed, etc.

Excessive Crown Chakra (spiritual addiction, stuck in your head, preachy)

  • Reestablish a connection to your physical environment and body by doing one (or several) of the following:

    • Grounding Meditation from the Root Chakra lesson

    • Clean out and beautify your physical space

    • Go for a walk outside, garden, or spend time by the water

    • Cook yourself a nourishing meal

Deficient Crown Chakra (poor connection to higher power, lack of spiritual practice, overly concerned with material world, possessions, material success)

  • Reconnect to spirituality by committing to a spiritual practice - I’lll suggest spending 20 minutes every day in silent meditation.

  • Complete this Higher Power Statement exercise to (re)discover your connection to Source.

You may notice these practices are a little bit more self-guided and loosely structured - which is intentional.

My hope is that you’ll feel empowered to expand this journey into a daily practice, opening and discovery, and that you’ll use the tools you’ve learned along the way to continue your softening.


  • Complete the practice(s) indicated for your crown chakra,

  • Reflect on your crown chakra practice and write any discoveries in your journal.

  • Spend at least 20 minutes reflecting and journaling on your experience over the past week. You may want to return to any practices that resonated with you, or any that felt particularly difficult. Oftentimes, what challenges or scares us the most is the practice that will serve us best.

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Loving you, as always. You are not alone on this path, this journey, this unraveling. Thank you for walking alongside me, and for allowing me to walk alongside you.

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