Good morning, love.

Today is all about our first chakra, the root chakra.

If you want to sound fancy and like you really know your shit (or if you’re just into Sanskrit), we call this one muladhara.

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And now, let's jump in.

The root is the energy center of your foundation. It connects us to the physical world, and I think of it as your souls anchor to your physical temple, your body.

The root chakra is associated with safety, security (including financial), physical needs, and our ability to bring thoughts into form (that’s manifesting).

There are two primary energy streams that flow through the chakras - the upward channel (called ) and the downward channel (called ). That downward channel starts at the crown and works its way down to the root. From an energetic level, this is one way we can define what manifesting looks like.

The root chakra develops from your time in the womb to about 12 months. Any traumas, stress, struggle or inability to have your needs met at this time will create strain in the root. The root is located at the very base of your spine.

All chakras can present as excessive (too open, too much energy) or deficient (closed, little to no energy)

Feeling unsafe, constant financial strain or worry, fear, poor relationship to the body, inability to connect to the physical world or manifest, and not taking care of ones physical needs (food, shelter, water, movement, etc) indicate a deficient root.

Being overly greedy, materialistic, obsessed with success and/or material possessions, lethargy and struggling to motivate or take action suggest an excessive root.

Oftentimes, you can be both deficient and excessive in the same chakra - demonstrating symptoms of each in different areas of your life or contexts.

Take a moment to reflect on whether your root feels more excessive, deficient, or both.

Psssst - if you created a zen space for this work, are you there now?? If not, save this email for later, when you have quiet space to dig deep.

My root chakra is, truth be told, one of the primary reasons I started studying the chakras. I have had some serious blocks, traumas and shitty programming in my foundation - and it showed up in my life.

For most of my life, I was at war with my body. Either pushing myself to work out, diet, or limit eating, or totally neglecting myself, eating crap and not taking care of my physical needs.

I’ve struggled with crippling money anxiety - even when I’ve had more than enough to meet my needs, I’ve lived in fear.

And above all, I learned to retreat from my physical form and live in my head - which results in overanalysis, constantly thinking/worrying/wondering, anxiety, decision paralysis, mental fogginess and more.

For me, healing my chakras - especially my root - was a matter of getting my survival needs met so that I could start truly living, feeling and thriving in the world.

I was born to a mom who smoked throughout her pregnancies, worked full time and was also parenting my autistic and epileptic older brother. My dad was finishing his PhD, and was in full dissertation mode. That meant many of my needs weren’t met as a little one, and I was born into a very stressful household.

I say this with respect for my parents - they did their best, and healing is never a blame game.

But you can start to see an example of how our foundation, our right to exist, to have and to be safe, nurtured and secure can be messed with.

Keep reading for details on your daily practice for your root.

EXCESSIVE ROOT (lethargic, clinging to material possessions, greedy, addicted to success and achievement, may be heavy, as if weighed down or holding onto extra weight)

  • Get your body moving! Take a yoga class, or follow along with this guided practice.

  • Tidy up your home. Clear out anything you no longer use - whether old food in your fridge or pantry, clothes you don’t wear anymore, makeup you haven’t touched in months or books that are gathering dust.

DEFICIENT ROOT (disconnected from body, financial challenges, struggle to manifest, physical and survival needs not being met, may be thin or frail)

  • Grounding meditation - listen here.

  • Nature bath: spend 15-20 minutes outside in nature. Ideally with bare feet. Feel your feet connecting with the ground. Visualize roots growing out of your feet and deep into the core of the earth. Take deep, belly breaths. Avoid looking at your phone or engaging in any other distractions - give yourself this gift of time to just be present with your roots, with the earth, with your physical body.


  • Reflect on whether your root chakra presents as excessive, deficient, or both. Based on what you discover, practice the ritual(s) described above.

  • Journal on any insights, discomfort or discoveries that came up.

Share your journey and tag me @chelsea.quint on Instgram, and let me know how I can help.

Loving you!