DAY two | sacral CHAKRA

I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again: This center is a big one.

You know that ever coveted “flow” we hear talked about so much in the spiritual and personal development communities?

That flow lives here. This is the site of your creative power, your magnetism, your movement and your flow!

The sacral chakra is also deeply connected to your emotions and your ability to feel.Tragically, so many people have very closed sacral chakras.

This is a big cause of people living in their heads and not in their bodies - and a big problem.

If we’re disconnected from our feelings, we lose out on so much wisdom, and can create energetic and physical problems by ignoring and repressing emotions rather than letting them move.

Your sacral chakra develops from about 6 months to 2 years old, and lives in your pelvis, several inches below your belly button. This is your womb space, if you're in a female body. 

Sexual and pleasure addiction, excessively strong emotions and emotional outbursts, oversensitivity, poor boundaries, codependence and obsessive attachment are signs of an excessive sacral chakra. 

Issues with connecting to your emotions, sexuality, constricted movement  and rigidity in the body, avoidance and denial of pleasure, lack of passion, desire or excitement reveals a deficient sacral chakra. 

Feel into the above indicators. Did you have an immediate oh yeah, that’s me reaction? Lean into that deeper knowing, and follow the relevant practice below.

Excessive Sacral Chakra (overly emotional, sensitive, ruled by emotions, sexual addition, etc.)

Deficient Sacral Chakra (little flow in life, low creativity, no sexual drive, resistance or pleasure)

  • Bring the energy back into your pelvis, your hips. Put on a favorite song (or listen to this sacral chakra playlist I created) and dance. Focus on moving your hips, allowing your body to move freely. You may have to 'fake it' for a while, but continue with this practice and eventually the energy will start to flow once again.


  • Reflect on whether your sacral chakra feels more open or closed - remembering that you may have signs of both. Complete the practice(s) listed above. 

  • Spend 10-15 minutes after your practice journaling on anything that came up  How did the practice feel in your body? What were you aware of in the mind? How do you feel after practicing? What are you aware of in your pelvis? Your journal will be a beautiful record of your chakra discovery, and a personalized guide to continued chakra work.

Share your journey and tag me @chelsea.quint on Instgram, and let me know how I can help. When you share your experience, you’re offering up incredible medicine for the people in your life.

As always, email or message me with any breakthroughs, discoveries or questions. 

Loving you from afar.