DAY three | solar plexus CHAKRA

Welcome back, dear one. Today, we’re exploring the third chakra, the solar plexus.

Your solar plexus is located just below your heart space, a couple of inches above your belly button. This chakra develops from about 18 months to age 4.

The solar plexus is the seat of our personal power, our will, our drive and our fire. Manipura is the Sanskrit name for the third chakra, which beautifully translates to lustrous gem.

An excessive solar plexus is controlling, manipulative, perfectionist and stubborn. A deficient solar plexus lacks follow through and motivation, is risk averse and had low self esteem.

Excessive Solar Plexus Chakra (ego driven, controlling, addicted to power, stubbornness, manipulative, perfectionistic, etc..)

  • Kaki Breath, or Beak Breath: set a timer for 10 minutes (because I know anyone with an excessive solar plexus likes boundaries and guidelines). Find a comfortable position, either seated or reclined. Close the eyes gently, and take a deep belly breath in through your nose. The belly should rise, like a big balloon, as you inhale.

  • Purse your lips, as if you were making a straw shape with the lips. Exhale slowly out of the mouth, as if you were breathing out through a straw.

  • Try to keep your jaw and face soft, even as you make this shape.

  • Continue this breathwork - inhaling through the nose, belly rises, exhaling through that imaginary straw allowing the belly to soften. Continue breathing this way until you feel a softening, a relaxation, or until your timer goes off.

Deficient Solar Plexus Chakra  (little to no willpower, low self-esteem and self-worth, victim mentality, lacks follow through and motivation)

  • Take a risk! My immediate suggestion is for you to go on a Facebook or Instgram live and share something that’s on your heart. What message would you love to share with the whole world? If you could teach everyone one thing, what would it be? This is of course also very connected to your throat chakra, and is a beautiful place to play with both.

  • Build up momentum and confidence that you do what you say you will; start putting basic items like ‘brush teeth,’ ‘eat lunch’, or ‘walk the dog,’ on your to do list or calendar.. Check them off every day as you accomplish them - this will create charge and momentum in that willpower and motivation center that lives in the solar plexus.


  • Is your solar plexus excessive, deficient, or both? Complete the practice(s) above as your intuition guides you.

  • Give yourself 10-15 minutes of journaling time after your practice. Take note of what feelings, emotions, resistance, memories or blocks came up.

So grateful to support you on this path.

Share your journey and tag me @chelsea.quint on Instgram, and let me know how I can help. When you share your experience, you’re offering up incredible medicine for the people in your life.

As always, email or message me with any breakthroughs, discoveries or questions. 

You’re doing beautiful work. Keep going.