DAY six | third eye CHAKRA

Hello from Brooklyn, love.

We’re talking about the third eye, or the ajna chakra. It’s often said that this chakra is the seat of your intuition. Intuition is such a buzzword these days, and I feel like it gets a bit murky.

So what exactly is intuition? It’s the ability to see things clearly, to understand and perceive at a deeper level than consciousness or intellectual knowing.

Everyone is intuitive, and has certain intuitive abilities. Some of us are more in tune with those abilities than others - which is where some people start calling themselves intuitives or saying they rely on the intuition for their work.

All of us also have different intuitive styles - the way(s) our intuition communicates with us. Some people just know things, others hear things, some people see beyond the physical plane, others feel things or get that gut sense, etc.

We could spend another week entirely diving into intuition, but for the sake of understanding the third eye, I wanted to give the brief primer.

The third eye governs our intuition, perceptions, imagination, ability to visualize and dream. It lives in between the eyebrows on the forehead, and develops throughout adolescence.

Imagine how as we enter into our teenage years, we begin to see the world more clearly. We realize our parents are not quite the perfect, God-like figures we imagined them to be during our youngers years.

This falling away of illusions, recognition of patterns and clear-seeing is the realm of the third eye.

An overly active or excessive third eye will results in an over-active imagination, nightmares, and can even result in hallucination or delusions.

A deficient third eye is characterized by poor imagination, struggles with visualization, an inability to remember dreams, poor memory and an inability to see what’s going on in situations.

Excessive Third Eye Chakra (delusions, hallucinations, difficulty concentrating, overly active imagination, overthinking)

  • We want to draw excess energy from the third eye into the lower chakras - we we’ll return to a grounding practice, which will also help balance the root chakra.

  • Grounding meditation - listen here.

  • You can also set a timer, and visualize a ball or indigo energy gathering into your third eye space, then spreading down across the lower chakras, and spreading out your feet.

Deficient Third Eye Chakra (poor vision, memory, imagination, inability to see situations clearly, denial)

  • Create a visual representation of your chakra system. Based on everything you’ve discovered thus far in this course and your practices, draw, paint, sketch, mold or otherwise create a visual representation of your chakra system.

  • Remember, it doesn’t matter what it looks like - no one but you has to see this (though if you want to send a picture my way, I’d love to see it). This is simply a practice for you to open your third eye and invite some energy into that space.


  • Complete the daily practice recommended for your third eye chakra above.

  • Spend 10-15 minutes journaling on your practice, including any sensations that came up in your body, fears or emotions, resistance, joy, memories, etc.

Tomorrow is the final day of our chakra course, where we’ll discuss the seventh chakra, your crown, and close out our journey together.

Loving you from Brooklyn!