Hello, gorgeous human.

Thank you for signing up for this journey. I’ve felt you coming into this space, and I’m so full of gratitude that you’re here.

Over the next seven days (right, counting today), we’re embarking on a journey together. On this journey, I’m asking you to leave your mind, your head, your logical processor behind.

I want you to lose your mind - so that you can find your soul. Your truth. Your magnetism. Your magic.

And all of that lives in your body.

I see the chakra system as a beautiful map, revealing where there are pockets of our lives that need expansion. Where we’re clinging to old patterns and programs. Where we’re holding pockets of pain, trauma and deep wounds.

The chakra system is a map of our energetic body, of the life force or the coveted “flow” we hear talked about in spiritual and healing communities.

Each chakra contains a set of programs, that dictate the way we show up, live, love and do in the world. Throughout our lives, trauma, parental and societal conditioning, heartbreak, betrayal, fear and more can introduce bugs into those programs.

Causing us to block the flow, disconnect from our beautiful bodies and retreat to the safety of the mind.

My intention for this course is that over the next week, you’ll discover just how disconnected from your body you are - and how powerful your body is.

I aim to expand or deepen your awareness of the chakra system and + its connection to the physical world, our development and overall mental and emotional health.

I hope you’ll discover when and where you're operating from your head and not your body, and that you’ll use the simple, actionable practices to balance each chakra and heal the mind body connection.

After the next seven days, I hope you’ll discover a passion for the chakra system, and that you’ll continue to explore this powerful map as a guide to your own growth.

I believe all of us humans are really seeking the way home to ourselves. To infinite love. To knowing the divinity that lives in our bones. The chakra system - and your body as a whole - is a map.

You’ll receive one email lesson for the next seven days - one for each of the main chakras. Each lesson will give an overview of that chakra, details on how excessive or deficient chakras manifest, and practices to find balance.

Please set aside time (at least 25-30 minutes) for this work. Take time with each lesson, and give yourself time, space and quiet to do the practices. Take note of how you feel throughout the day - it may be helpful to keep a note on your phone or carry a journal as you’re embarking on this self discovery.

And a special surprise + incentive to truly dive into this work, I'll choose ONE student each month to win a free session with me.  

We can use that session for some targeted chakra work, EFT, clarity, business planning, manifestation work or whatever you need most. 

To be eligible to win the free session, all you have to do is:

  1. Share your chakra experience, practices, and breakthroughs on Instagram or Facebook. Tag me @chelsea.quint on IG or @xochelseaquint on FB so I can witness your journey and celebrate you. 

  2. Email or message me once you've completed the next seven days, sharing your biggest breakthroughs and transformations. 

And that's it! Do those things, and then stay tuned for me to announce the free session winner every month. I may also choose one student to win a special surprise - essential oils, access to my Schedule by the Chakras workshop, my meditation album... you get the idea. :)

If questions pop up on this journey, please hit reply and send them my way.

And if you’re feeling the urge to jump in right away, look at the bonus homework below.

Loving your from afar.


This exercise will give you a jump start on some root and sacral chakra work (days 1 & 2), and will amplify each of your practices throughout our time together.

Reflect on the spaces in your home. Which space(s) feel most comforting? Safe? Nourishing? Expansive?

Pick one space in your home where you can tuck yourself away - maybe it's behind a closed or locked door, maybe it’s somewhere you have plants and flowers nearby, maybe you already have a beautiful zen den.

Choose the space where you’ll do this work over the next week. And use that space!

Once you’ve chosen your space, cultivate some beautiful energy there. Create an altar with symbols of your intentions - what inspired you to sign up for this course? Perhaps you write your intention down and place it in your zen space or on your altar. Perhaps you set up crystals in your space, or candles and same sage or palo santo.

Maybe you have a beautiful pillow or blanket you want to snuggle up with while you practice. Maybe you diffuse a favorite essential oil. Perhaps you place a favorite picture nearby.

There’s no right or wrong - all you’re doing is creating a beautiful, safe container for you to do this work. This will allow you to receive more, and to go deeper.

Note: if you have no idea how to use any of the above tools, PLEASE don’t stress. This course will be very approachable and easy to understand. No spiritual practice or hippie tools or Sanskrit knowledge required.

If you’re feeling called, I would LOVE to see pictures of your spaces. Share them on social media and tag me @chelsea.quint on IG or @xochelseaquint on Facebook. Or you can send your pictures to me directly here.  

Loving you!