THE HERO’S JOURNEY with Chelsea Quint

Hey friend - I’m so happy you’re here.

This challenge, training, experience is really fucking powerful.

Watch part one of the training below. You’ll want to have a journal close by to write down prompts, ideas, notes and the exercises I share.

I would love to hear how this goes for you and share in your experience. Tag me @chelsea.quint on Instagram and @xochelseaquint on Facebook. If you feel called to share your experience in a more private space, do so in the Surviving to Thriving Community.

I’ll be inviting one person who participates in this challenge to share their story on my podcast - so be sure to tag me when you’re sharing, watching and exploring.


  • Get into gratitude; thank goodness for all the funky patterns and coping mechanisms that got me through

  • There are no coincidences, no mistakes, only lessons

  • What if everything was happening for me? If you knew everything was happening for you, how would you look at your past stories and present situation/experiences?

  • Write your story as the hero’s journey. Think about your favorite hero - say Odysseus or Harry Potter. Write out your story like that.

  • When you read a hero’s journey, you know that the hero is going to win. If you knew you were going to thrive… how would you tell the story of your challenges?

  • Tell your story from worth, not wound. And not as a way to get or prove worth.

  • List the top 3-5 pivotal moments in your life. What have you overcome? Survived? Write the story of your life using those markers, tell it as the hero, the one who got through and conquered it all.