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chelsea quint

life + worthiness coach // healer // Personal power Activator

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work with me

Deep soul healing + energetic mastery to help you redefine what’s realistic to go from surviving to thriving in life, love and business.

My work invites you to unravel your stories and beliefs, then piece yourself together as the whole, messy, powerful, scarred, beautiful, divine woman you are. My work invites you to create a life where you can experience everything you desire.

To make art with your work. Your relationships. Your connection to the divine. With your money. Your physical body. With your friends and family and sex and business. With your eyes. With your soul.

Your intuition led you here for a reason.

Because it’s time.

> Time for you to active the purpose, power and potential that exists within you.

> Time for you to claim and enjoy the abundance of love, wealth, purpose, impact and bliss that is your divine birthright.

> Time for you to fall madly in love with your life and your work.

If you’re feeling a HELL yes to shifting out of survival mode and into the thriving, abundant life, love and work that you are meant for, trust your gut and apply for a free Alignment + Activation session.

I cannot wait to meet you.

Note sure where to start or what do you need? Pause, take a breath, and take a look…


for the true seeker who’s ready to go deep, to immerse herself in a transformational, alchemical process of discovering, healing, and transcending. These deep dives are for the woman who’s been working on herself, and who’s ready to take down all the masks. You’ll go from living an unfulfilling, disenchanted, reactive life, ruled by past pains and future worries, to living the inspired, empowered, confident, worthy and abundant life you deserve. Apply and book your free activation session here.


come practice yoga with me at Sweat Yoga NYC, advance your practice in a private session, or check out my self-study courses and workshops to add to your spiritual toolkit.


My Divine Desires Group Mentorship is an intensive manifesting accelerator.

An intimate group of powerful, heart centered women committed to their own healing, abundance and expansion, Divine Desires helps you get clear on what you desire, deeply heal any limiting patterns and take inspired, fully aligned action to turn your desires into your divine reality.

Reach out for details + the application.

Still not sure where to start? Email me and let’s chat!