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To get started, grab a journal and watch with the video training below, then dive into the self-healing tools, your workbook and journal prompts.

Remember - manifestation is a way of living, being, operating in the world. Not a one-time magic fix. Think of it as practical magic for discovering and creating everything you want - and this workshop as your guide.

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Self -Healing Tools


Weekly Manifestation Ritual


If your manifestations ‘haven’t worked yet',’ the reason usually boils down to one of X things…

  1. You didn’t actually want it; tune back into the clarity section. Did you truly want it? Was this a soul desire? Or was there some texture of it that felt like a condition desire, something you thought you were supposed to want, or tried to create because someone else did and it worked for them… Get clear on what YOU really want, and manifest from that desire.

  2. You didn’t actually believe you could have it. When you were taking action, feeling the feelings, doing all the ‘manifesting’ things… were you also looking over your shoulder? Constantly questioning? Did you have faith, trust, belief that it was yours? Or were you operating from survival mode of trying to control, push, manage and make it all happen, when deep down you didn’t believe you could have it?

  3. You didn’t take full aligned action; Did you do everything in your power to act as if it was already yours? Connect to yourself highest self and take action as them daily? Reconnect when it got hard? When it looked like it wasn’t happening? Take action as if it was already done?

  4. You worried something bad would happen if it actually worked; aka waiting for the other shoe to drop. So often, self-sabotage comes from a place of trying to stay safe. If I don’t shine, no one can knock me down. If I stay small, stuck, broken and scared, no one can hurt me. This one comes from a belief that something bad will happen if you get the thing you desire.

For each of these patterns, the work is simple: look at your story, take it into your self-healing practices and decide on a new story. Take it back into the manifestation process. Again and again, with faith and trust. And watch your life become miraculous.