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Do you ever…

  • Feel frustrated and like you just suck at manifesting

  • Wonder if manifestation actually works….

  • Think ‘maybe it just doesn’t work for me’

  • Get stuck comparing yourself to others

  • Ask yourself WHEN it will finally be your turn?

It’s time to get real… and learn what manifestation truly is, how it actually works and why you haven’t co-created the life, love and legacy of your dreams.


Through mastering the art of manifestation, I’ve been able to…

  • Scale my business to consistent 5-figure months with ease - making more while working less each month

  • Meet and network with some of the most successful, high-profile people in the world

  • Land media segments, get articles published, be interview on my favorite podcast and media channels

  • Get paid $500 an hour for doing what I love - like teaching meditation, yoga and self-healing tools

  • Heal through an affair and separation in my marriage - and create the most pleasurable, supportive, fun, loving relationship

  • Land dream speaking engagements and partnerships

  • Move to a gorgeous, dreamy two bedroom apartment in New York City

And using some of the tools in this workshop, I’ve helped my clients…

  • Create and heal powerful, epic romantic relationships

  • Get dream jobs and salaries

  • Make cross country moves

  • Leave toxic jobs, relationships and situations

  • Launch dream businesses

  • Sign their first clients

  • Heal heartbreak, inner child and trauma wounds that they thought they were stuck with

All of this - and so much more - is available to you when you unlock the tools in this workshop and master the art of manifestation in your life.

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>> Enroll before Friday, May 17 to save over 50% and unlock a free live coaching call <<

Once you register, details to access the workshop will be instantly delivered to your inbox, and you’ll be able to watch from anywhere the moment it opens on Friday, May 17.

 What you get…

  • In-depth video workshop outlining the manifestation process - the practical, energetic, spiritual and healing parts of the process

  • Bonus Manifestation workbook

  • 15+ powerful journaling and manifestation prompts

  • 2 guided practices to help heal your limiting beliefs

  • 1 guided practice to help you embody your manifestations in the now

  • Live Q&A call to answer any of your additional question and get personal support from me (pre-sale only! Purchase by Friday, May 17 to unlock the live bonus call)

What you’ll learn…

  • What manifestation is - and what it isn’t

  • How and why manifestation works, and how to start actually manifesting what you want

  • How to integrate manifestation work into your daily life (without giving anything up or obsessively muttering affirmations nonstop)

  • Three powerful tools + processes for healing limiting beliefs, low self worth and resistance - and how you actually heal for good

  • Four key reasons your manifestations haven’t worked - and how to fix them

>> Enroll before Friday, May 17 to save over 50% and unlock a free live coaching call <<



When will I get access? How long can I access the workshop?

The How to (actually) Manifest Workshop is part on of my Be Your Own Healer workshop series, and launches Friday, May 17.

When you purchase during presale, you’ll get lifelong access to the workshop for less than half of the regular workshop price. If you purchase after the workshop goes live, you’ll get instant access to watch whenever & wherever you like, and will receive lifelong access.

What’s different about this versus other manifestation trainings?

Chelsea’s combination of the practice and magical, the science and spiritual make her approach to teaching super tangible and actionable while also helping you to understand esoteric, metaphysical principles. She helps you ‘get it',’ and also apply it in a realistic, practical way.

She also teaches manifestation from the lens of understanding survival mode - and how it’s one of the primary blocks to everyone’s manifestation work, no matter what your background or upbringing. She teaches how to get out of survival mode first - and how to heal your deeper wounds - so that manifestation feels easy, flowy and fun (instead of frustrating and disheartening).

I listened to the podcast episode on manifesting. How is this different?

In the workshop, Chelsea goes deeper into each of the steps she outlined in the podcast, and provides specific tools, guided practices, rituals and trainings to use during each step of the process. In short, this goes deeper and will answer any questions you had during the podcast.

What’s the presale price & bonus?

When you purchase the workshop before it officially opens on Friday, May 17, you’ll get the workshop for $47 (or two payments of $27), and will get details to join the live Q&A call shortly after the workshop opens. After May 17, the workshop will be available for purchase instant access for $97, and the Q&A call recording will be available as a bonus.

You’ll also get a coupon code to take your practice deeper in my Take Your Power Back digital course.

Do you offer refunds?

Per industry standard and the nature of providing digital content, we are unable to process refunds. However, if you are feeling frustrated with the workshop, please share your questions or challenges in the Survivor to Thriver community so Chelsea can help support you.

Other questions? Email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours M-F.