What’s your why?

Most people’s problem with achieving things isn’t due to a lack of willpower - it’s a lack of motivation. Of all the things you’re working toward, hustling for, spending time and money on - how many of them do you deeply desire? Are you clear on why you care?

Unlocking your why is the key to tapping into your motivation - which is a big component of follow through.


Set aside any expectations of societal programming, parental desires, what you should do or want or be or achieve and answer these questions:

  • Why do you actually want to do this?

  • What goals or intentions do you really want to achieve? Why do you want to achieve them?

  • Do you actually care about following through? Achieving your goals? About being someone who follows though? Why do you care?

  • FIND YOUR WHY AND YOUR PASSION HERE. Write it down and put it everywhere. Set an alarm (or several) in your phone to go off daily reminding you of your why.

A big part of this work is going to be in identifying and returning to your why, then creating an environment where your why is front and center, always.

I want you to create an environment where you success becomes inevitable - where you aren’t setting yourself up to rely on willpower alone to push through things.

If you haven’t already, share your why AND how you’re going to set up your environment to remind you of your why every day of this course in our Facebook group.