This is where we’ll start to dive into the healing work, and identify and subconscious beliefs and patterns living in your nervous system that are preventing you from following through on what you desire.

Grab a pen and your journal and start to work through the journaling prompts and exercises below.

Then, reference your daily action step, and share with us in the accountability group.


  • What blocks you from doing what you say you will?

  • What are your time leaks - what are you filling your time with that’s not beneficial to you or your goals? (Common ones: social media scroll, email checking, mindlessly/unintentionally reading things online, anything that makes you start to compare, tv, overplanning)

  • What do you use to distract yourself? What need is being met by those distractions?

  • What’s the why underneath your avoidance or procrastination?

  • What will happen (or are you afraid will happen) if you do the things you’ve set out to do?

  • How does it benefit and serve you to stay unfocused and to not follow through?

  • What beliefs do you have about your ability to follow through?

  • What stories do you tell yourself around motivation, procrastination, achieving your goals, etc. List them all.


Now that you’ve figured out why you’re blocking yourself, you can start to reprogram and reframe those beliefs.

Looking at each of the blocks, stories and beliefs you identified above, ask yourself how you’d want things to work for you in that area.

If the story is that you’ll lose your friends or family if you become successful because they don’t like people who are financially or professionally successful, then how would you like that situation to play out? Maybe the new story is that the more successful you become, the more excited and inspired your friends and family are.

Look at the belief and start to rewrite it. Then, I want you to keep writing, and whip yourself into a frenzy around the new ways things get to work for you.

The way you work toward your goals. The way your desires start to materialize - and how it feels when they do. How the people, places, experiences and situations in your life play out.

The intention here is that you spend time looking at the existing way that things work based on your beliefs and patterning, then literally rewrite it into the most ideal, nourishing, supportive, yummy scenario.

This can become a daily practice - the subconscious mind and nervous system learn through repetition. Perhaps every night when you check off your daily do list, you spend 10-15 minutes free writing on how amazing it feels when your life works the way you want and you follow through on all the goals you set for yourself.

We’ll go deeper into rewriting the beliefs when we add tapping in lesson six - play with the journaling for now, and tag me with your questions + breakthroughs.


All the to do lists and productivity hacks in the world won’t change the big picture unless you go deep and discover WHY you don’t actually want what your conscious mind says you do. This work helps you identify why you self sabotage, and why part(s) of you don’t want to be successful.

You’ll start to use journaling to reframe those beliefs, and we’ll go deep in lesson six.

Share your limiting beliefs, and keep following your daily action step to share with us in the group. Tag me with your questions, breakthroughs or celebrations!