You’ve built momentum with your daily do lists, and started to build a sense of what you accomplish every day naturally

You’ve begun to identify and work through any resistance you have to being successful + achieving your goals with the journaling work.

Now, you’ll build on the momentum from your daily do lists and your awareness of your daily schedule to start tracking your time.


Over the next three days, I want you to track your time in as much detail as possible. Get down to the half hour mark, if you can.

I’ll often use the Passion Planner spread when I’m tracking my time. You can download it below.

Use whatever format works best for you - keep making lists In your phone or journal, use the Passion Planner or break out an old planner that you never finished.


This isn’t the most glamorous or fun thing, I know. But the truth is most of us aren’t great at truly recognizing where our time goes.

Tracking your time will give you a realistic sense of where you’re investing your time, and where it’s leaking. Where you’re avoiding, procrastinating and distracting yourself. All of this gives you great evidence to continue to work through in your journal, as well as a clear picture on how your schedule isn’t working for you, and how you can adjust.

Share a picture of your time tracking every day, and keep up your daily do lists.

Tag me with your questions, breakthroughs or celebrations!