WELCOME + Pre-Work

Welcome to Mindset Mastery // Follow Through. On this welcome page I’m going to take you through my intentions for this container, what you’ll need to do this work, and your first steps to create your foundation for this workshop.


Throughout this course, you will…

  1. Create a simple, sustainable habit of doing what you say you will every day, and reprogram your subconscious mind and nervous system to follow through being your default response.

  2. Get clear on which goals truly matter to you - and which are the product of conditioning, shoulds, wounds + emotional blocks and can thus be let go of.

  3. Cultivate a belief and fully-body knowing that the goals that truly matter to you are 100% attainable and you will achieve them.


  • If you haven’t already, please join our accountability group here.

  • Figure out right now why you want to do this workshop. Spend 15-20 minutes right now responding to these questions:

    • What do you want to get out of this workshop?

    • How will your life be different in three weeks?

    • How are you going to change your mindset, environment and habits to MAKE SURE YOU FINISH THIS?

    • What kind of things motivate you? How will you use those to incentivize you to finish this workshop?

    • How are you going to feel when you’ve completed this workshop? How are you going to celebrate and reward yourself?

  • Post your WHY in our accountability group.

  • We’re getting starting Monday, 11.12 - so post your why be the end of the day on Monday.


  • The content of this workshop will become available for you as it becomes relevant. Lesson one and your welcome steps are open now, and the remaining lessons will open as you need them to complete your daily action steps listed on the home page of this workshop.

  • The course itself is a 21 day process that we’ll journey through together.

  • Over the 21 days, you have daily action items - this is to help you build momentum and demonstrate to your subconscious mind and body that you actually do what you say you will. The sharing is for accountability. The daily action steps are the foundation of this work - DO THEM. Decide right now when you will do them. Set alarms in your phone. Set reminders. Share in the group when you’re doing it. Find an accountability buddy. Do what it takes to create this new habit and default response.

  • I’ve referenced where you’ll need to use some of the content in each action step, as well as when you’ll be using each lesson along our 21 day journey.

Questions? Tag me in our group.