Moon Circles with Chelsea Quint

I believe deeply in the power of ritual, community, story medicine and regular practice.

And it’s my intention to bring each of those elements to life inside of my monthly moon circles.

One of my favorite parts of having an online business is getting to connect with so many incredible, passionate, heart-centered humans all around the world. I’ve created this circles with the intention of getting to know and support each of you more deeply.


Every month I hold two circles - one for the new moon and full moon. Each circle will vary, depending on the season, astrological influences and cosmic themes at play, but each new moon circle will focus on planting new seeds and manifestation, while each full moon we’ll focus on releasing all that no longer serves us, healing and transforming limitations and old patterns.

You’ll get tools each circle - meditations, journaling, story medicine, tapping and intuitive coaching, to name a few.

Everyone signed up for the circle will receive all relevant resources as well as a recording of the circle, and I will hold energetic space for every member, even if you’re not able to join us live.

You can register for a single circle for $17, or subscribe for $20/month to access both circles every month.

Subscriptions require a three month commitment.



  • Identify + heal any limiting beliefs + patterns from the last cycle

  • Integrate new patterns/beliefs/behaviors

  • Cut cords + attachments

  • Energy clearing

  • Forgiveness + Release Practice



  • Get clear on what you desire

  • Set intentions for the month/cycle

  • Plant seeds for what you will manifest

  • Activate the feelings of you manifestation in your nervous system

  • Quantum Manifesting Practice

When you join a single circle, you’ll automatically be registered for the next moon circle; contact support@chelseaquint.com with any questions.