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Another year has come and gone - are you where you hoped you’d be?

If you’re feeling like 2018 hasn’t been quite the year of transformation, healing, and success that you wanted, this is for you.

If you…

  • Have been feeling stuck, like you can’t make your goals happen no matter what you do

  • Lost your spark or passion for your life and work and want to get your mojo back

  • Are ready to stop playing small and truly show up to your life and biz, but aren’t sure how

  • Feel like you’ve been going through the motions rather than intentionally living your life

  • Are are sick of doing all the things… but not getting the results you desire

This bundle is for you.

The end of the year is right around the corner.

And the beginning of a new year is right there with it.

Over the past several years, I’ve cultivated an incredibly powerful system.

This system leverages the power of the new year. The change of the guard.

Of course, this time of year is actually no different than any other. You can start over with any breath. Any moment. Which means you get to use this system any time you feel stuck (you’ll get lifelong access to all of this magic, including updates every single year).

But because we live in the world we do, the new year is a beautiful moment for a shift.

Maybe you feel the energy already? Maybe you’re here, because you’ve already felt the call.

Here’s the deal: you will be in a different place in a year. You will be a different person.

You will think differently, and value different things.

These things are facts. Fortunately, you get to choose how you change. How you shift.

The New Year’s Abundance Bundle lets you decide.

You get your power back. You get your energy back. You get your joy back.


In this bundle, you’ll get:

  • New Year’s Abundance Training (valued at $98)

  • Comprehensive Healing Workbook (valued at $36)

  • Live coaching call and Q&A with Chelsea to answer all of your burning questions (valued at $197)

  • Meditation + Reprogramming Album (valued at $47)

  • Lifelong updates to the bundle ( new tools, ideas, trainings and more every single year) (priceless!)

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Your investment is just $33.


  • Letting the Love in Guided Practice (valued at $27)

  • Yoga Flow for Releasing Trapped Emotions (valued at $27)

  • Daily Tapping Alignment Practice (valued at $17)

  • Bonus trainings on creating a morning ritual, how to make time for what you love and more (valued at $67)

$516 VALUE WITH BONUSES - you get it all for just $33


Get the entire bundle, live group coaching call AND a Breakthrough Session ($350 value) with me to move through any blocks that are keeping you stuck.

the bundle and session are valued at $866 - but until january 1, you’ll get both for $333


Per industry standard, and due to the nature of this program, no returns or refunds can be processed. Please review full terms & conditions before purchasing any product.