Hey you gorgeous human.

When you're tapped into your purpose, your mission, your reason for being, some amazing things start to happen.

You can start to really, truly see yourself. To see that you're a wonderfully radiant, loving, kind, beautiful soul living in a human body. You see that you have unlimited abilities to find joy, abundance, fulfillment and happiness in your life. You wake up energized, grateful for your life and the magnificent things that fill it.

And beyond that, you become stronger and more resilient, and better able to move through life's challenges - the darkest and most hellacious bits. 

Those changes are what lie on the other side of your own healing, your own self work. And that's what I guide you through in the Radical Transformation VIP Program. And because my mission is to bring this shift to as many of my people as I can, I'm stoked to announce my inaugural scholarship competition. 

Here's how it works: fill out the application below before Sunday, March 11, and then stay tuned for an email from me. I'll be giving away three scholarships - outlined below.


  • Three 'Make Me An Offer I Can't Refuse' scholarships for the Radical Transformation VIP Program: three applicants will get the chance to go through my signature personal growth program at the price they can afford - when you receive your scholarship offer, we'll create a payment structure that works for you.

I cannot wait to learn more about you, and to work with three of you beautiful people.

Massive love,

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