Breakfast of Champions Ebook


Breakfast of Champions Ebook


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You've heard this, you know this, and so do my clients. 

So often, my 1:1 coaching programs start with an analysis of my clients' morning routines. One of our biggest topics? What breakfast looks like. 

I'm never going to tell you to stop drinking coffee, but I will let you know that skipping breakfast or inhaling a pastry or breakfast sandwich is a surefire way to squash your health dreams before you've even left the house. 

So what's a busy gal to do? I'm so glad you asked. In this ebook you'll find my favorite breakfast recipes – ones that are quick and easy to make plus absolutely delicious. From smoothies to a morning detox to waffles and more, this is sure to transform your morning routine and set your up for gorgeous, glowing days. 

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When you get this ebook, you'll get some of my favorite recipes like:

  • Energizing maca hot chocolate
  • Chocolate pancakes
  • Protein waffles
  • Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie
  • Morning Detox

And more!