I need to introduce you to someone.

If you've been following my journey - whether for a week, a month or a year - you've likely heard me mention gabby bernstein.

Gabby is an internationally renowned speaker, spiritual leader, NYTimes bestselling author and incredible coach. More importantly she's been my mentor, teacher and guide, and through working with her I've created the business, home, marriage, friendships and life of my dreams.

Today, I am so grateful to get to offer you the chance to do the same.

A year ago to the day, I signed up for Gabby’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

And when I did, I gave a big HELL YES the the Universe.

A hell yes to my growth. My abundance. My relationships. My business. My community.

Perhaps most magical of all - when I said yes to the Spirit Junkie community, I finally found my tribe.

Since Spirit Junkie, I’ve started working with my mentor and healer Lori Leyden - who’s taught me to serve and transform my clients using tapping. I’ve also gotten to join my soul brothers and sisters working to heal the community in Parkland, FL after the mass school shooting in February of this year.

I’ve co-led a beautiful workshop with my friend Val. I’ve manifested dream clients who’ve become dear friends. I manifested my dream apartment living in NYC - with free space to hold classes and workshops. I healed my marriage, which is now thriving, energizing and so full of love.

I’ve reclaimed parts of myself that I denied for so many years. I’ve found my voice, and co-written a children’s book with my sister.

I’ve found my voice, and gotten to share my gifts with more than 20 VIP clients, and thousands of beautiful souls across social media.

I’ve created the life, business and home of my dreams.

And while Spirit Junkie Masterclass creates a truly transformational experience, there is something missing.

With masterclass digital, you get so much content, community and healing within the digital course - and you get access to new trainings and updates for life.

But it's missing two critical components to your success, healing and transformation:

  1. Individual support

  2. Embodiment integration

That’s why when I created my bonuses for masterclass, I created something that will give you these two components.

Everyone who registers through my link will get:

That’s more than $1,999 in bonuses.

Keep reading to learn more about each of your bonuses. 

Grounded + Glowing Group Coaching

In Grounded + Glowing, you’ll join a live group coaching circle as we work through seven modules to get you grounded into your energetic and physical body, then take you through a discovery process to get clear on who you are, and what your purpose on this world is.

We’ll start by healing and balancing your first three chakras - the root, sacral and solar plexus. Then, we’ll use quantum meditation and journaling to discover your dharma, and we’ll close by balancing divine feminine to fuel your creation and inspiration, and divine masculine to turn inspiration into inspired action.

This group program is the perfect pair to everything you learn in Spirit Junkie Masterclass, and will help you integrate and embody all of the expansion, abundance, shifts and tools you learn with Gabby.

Plus, you’ll have an intimate community to share and connect with - and time in our individual sessions to break through any blocks, gain clarity and create your inspired action plan.

Module One: Grounding the Root Chakra

Module Two: Activating the Sacral Chakra

Module Three: Lighting Up the Solar Plexus

Module Four: Discovering Your Dharma

Module Five: Feminine Flow

Module Six: Masculine Mastery

Body Full(fillment) Project

This isn’t just another diet, another four week challenge where we’ll learn about what to eat, add powders and supplements to shakes and log our workouts everyday. This is a program that teaches you to tap into your intuition, and start to eat, move and think from that wisdom.

If you're ready to kick insecurity to the curb, the Body Full(fillment) Project is for you.

Module One: Clearing Out Your Food + Fitness Stories

Module Two: Eat Like You Love Yourself

Module Three: Move Like You Love Yourself

Module Four: Mind Body Integration

Want to know what kind of results you can expect from Spirit Junkie Masterclass? Check out testimonials from past students. 

If you have any questions about Spirit Junkie Masterclass or my bonuses, please reach out to my team here. 

I want to serve you, and help you to heal your wounds so you can start living your purpose.

I deeply believe that Gabby’s masterclass will help you get there.

If you’re ready to accept this invitation to change your life, click here to get started.

Spirit Junkie Masterclass is a groundbreaking digital course. There isn’t another one out there like it (trust me - I've taken so many of them). 

During the course of 8 self-paced modules, you will:

  • Gain the confidence and tools you need to live your highest purpose, make an impact and earn for your great work.
  • Deepen your own spiritual practice.
  • Take spiritually aligned action on your dreams so you act with guidance and clarity. (Most people don’t do this!)
  • Get concrete advice on how to craft the career you want — from some of Gabby’s most trusted experts in spirituality and personal growth!
  • Get detailed, step-by-step guides on how to turn your blog into a business, publish a book, lead groups, create digital courses and more!
  • Experience a unique combination of deep-dive spiritual practices and practical business tools that create massive transformations for you and your career.
  • Feel the incredible energy of a live event. Unlike most online courses, the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course is filmed live in HD for ultra-crisp, beautifully produced video and audio. You’ll be catapulted right into the room!
  • Have the freedom of a flexible, 100% online program. Take it anywhere, anytime! Learn in the way that’s best for you with video, audio, transcripts and worksheets.
  • Get lifetime access so you can return to the material and learn at your own pace. PLUS, new content is added regularly!

Here's what you can expect:

Module One: How to Step into your Purpose

Module Two: Release Fear and Clear the Path

Module Three: Tap into Your Greatest Source of Power

Module Four: How to Hold Space

Module Five: How to Make Money for your Great Work

Module Six: Soulful Marketing and Manifesting Media for your Message

Module Seven: Bring Your Stories to Life as an Author & Public Speaker

Module Eight: How to Turn Your Vision into a Reality


meet chelsea

Hey love, I'm Chelsea, and I'm going to help you change your life.

Whoa… that’s a bold ass claim. And I’m proud to stand behind it. But don’t take it from me.

My clients have told me that they feel happier and better able to cope with their day to day stress. That I help them accomplish goals at such a rapid rate that it feels like they’re constantly growing into a new person. A new level.

My client Sam even told me, "I remember reading on your website months before I started working with you, "I'm going to help you change your life." And I remember thinking, "this girl seems super amazing, but I doubt she's actually going to be able to change my life. I can just do the work on my own." TOTAL FEAR MIND. TOTAL CRAP. You have been such a guiding force, such great support, and resource."

They told me they feel huge surges of confidence, and realized that they love themselves too much to keep ignoring their own needs.

And that’s because I’ve changed their lives. Even better – I’ve empowered them to change their own lives.

But okay, you're here to learn about me. The human behind the screen, behind the work, behind the words. 

Real quick ps - I am HUMAN. AKA I'm just like you. You know in People Magazine where they have they 'Celebrities, They're Just Like You!" section (don't judge - my husband loves looking at those mags in line at the grocery store)? I don't want to be put up on a pedestal. 

Because my job isn't to fix you. My job is to show you were never broken. 

You're not here on my site because I'm somehow better than you. I'm just a few steps down the road - and we get to use my wisdom, knowledge, energy and guidance to help you remember the truth of who you are. 

That truth is that you are made out of love, and you come from the stars. You are pure magic. Stardust runs through your veins and the universe lives in your bones. 

That truth is that you deserve everything you desire. I'm here to show you how to get it.

And the thing is, I used to tell myself that all the time. For years I've been practicing yoga, meditating, reading the self help books, using the affirmations and exploring self care. But I never used to believe and most importantly embody the belief that I deserved everything I wanted. I felt like I could never do enough to earn the happiness, freedom, love and abundance.

But now, I've learned that isn't true. More powerfully, I've learned how to heal those wounds - in myself and in you.

Trauma, stress and fear gets stored in our physical and energetic bodies - which then turns into limiting beliefs that run our subconscious, and low-vibration energy radiating out of every cell. 

It's no wonder you've been struggling - when your subconscious mind and every cell in your body have been putting out the vibe of 'I'm not enough, I'm unworthy, I'm unlovable."

I decided I was done playing those tapes.

And now, I often pinch myself throughout my days, looking around at the beautiful community, home, marriage, body, schedule, freedom, and life I've created. 

If you're here, it means you're getting ready to stop play your tapes, too. 

Read more of my story here.

I'm a proud affiliate partner of Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass, because I used it when I was healing and building my own business and I know it works. I earn an advertising fee by linking to Gabby’s program.