Hi, sweet soul. Thank you for being here.

This is the starting point of your journey toward total self acceptance and love, deeply embodying your worth, sharing your unique gifts and medicine, and creating a life you’re wildly obsessed with.

There are four ways we can do this work together:

  1. Breakthrough Sessions // Breakthrough Sessions go deep into your life, create a framework for you to start taking action, embodying your highest self and creating the life and work you’re wildly obsessed with.

    if you’re not ready for a longterm coaching program, but want more 1:1 support than a self, this is where you’ll start.

    Get details + book here.

  2. Divine Desires Group Mentorship // Heal, create and connect in beautiful sisterhood. In 12 weeks of magic, you will discover what you really want, embody your power and take massive action to manifest your dream life. The 2018 Divine Desires Group Mentorship program sold out and registration is currently closed.

    Get on the waitlist for when our group opens in 2019.

  3. Self Study // I believe that healing, growth and expansion should be available to everyone. In addition to my many free resources and courses, I offer a variety of self-study materials ranging from business tools for spiritual entrepreneurs to manifesting + mindset work to chakra healing to physical and mental health and more. To keep this accessible, the majority of these offerings are priced under $100.

    Click here to access all self study resources.

    * If ever you feel incredibly drawn to an offering, but do not have the investment, please reach out at with details on your situation, the tool(s) you’re drawn to and any investment you’d feel comfortable making. 

  4. 1:1 Mentorship Program // this is the most intensive way for us to work. We’ll spend 4-6 months together, including the option for some intensive work in person in NYC. We work through every area of your life, getting clear on what you deeply desire, unraveling your stories, traumas, and the residual limiting and self sabotaging patterns that say you can’t have those things, and reprogram your mind, energy field and nervous system to automatically create joy, abundance, ease and flow.

    This is powerful healing work for the woman who knows she’s meant to have a massive impact on the planet, and is ready to dive deep into her own work, life purpose and healing to make it happen. She wants to have a massive impact - and to have a beautiful, abundant life from which to create that impact.

    Apply for mentorship here. 

If you have questions, please reach out. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook, send me a DM and tag me in your posts. Sharing in your journey and answering your questions brings me so much joy.

Loving you.