This week you will…

  • Learn and use three powerful self-healing tools to reprogram and heal your limiting beliefs

  • Integrate those healing tools into your daily practice





  • Write out your Personal Peace Procedure list and start tapping on 1-3 stories each day.

EFT Basic Protocol

  • Decide what you’re tapping on, then rate the intensity 0-10 as it feels in the present moment

  • Setup Statement: Even though ________________ (tell the truth of what you’re feeling, what you’re tapping on, what you want to shift or change), I deeply and completely love and accept myself

  • Tap on the side of your hand while saying your set up statement out loud three times

  • Tap trough the points (top of your head, eyebrow, side of the eye, under your eye, under your nose, chin, collarbones, ribs, back of your hand) saying your reminder phrase (essentially the fill in the blank from your setup statement) on each point

  • Close your eyes and breathe, notice what has changed or shifted. Rate the intensity 0-10 and keep tapping until the intensity is in the 0-2 range


How to Manifest with Journaling

  • Get clear on what you desire. If you could have, do, be, achieve, teach, create anything, what would it be? Where would you go? If money were no object and no one would get mad at you, what would you do? What I really want is…

  • Identify your limiting beliefs. Why I don’t believe I can have that/don’t really want it/am afraid to have it is…

  • Ask if that’s the ultimate truth. Is it written or decided or decreed somewhere that you don’t get to have the thing? Hint, the answer is always no if it comes from fear.

  • Decide on the new belief. The ultimate truth is… How things get to work for me is…

Quantum Journaling

  • Journal to help feel the feelings of your new reality; sometimes it’s hard to hold the frequency, or you struggle to visualize, or you just can’t feel it

  • Write in your journal to whip yourself into a frenzy of how life gets to work for you. Keep going until you feel it and 5 minutes after

Self Coaching & Intuitive Journaling

  • Use your journal to get out of your head and listen to yourself, to let your inner guidance come through

  • Ask a question or thought starter at the top of a page and let yourself flow. Keep writing until clarity, guidance or release comes through

  • Bonus if you do some meditation, tapping or breath work to quiet your nervous system and analytical mind before you start writing

  • What I need is…

  • What I’m afraid of is…

  • Who is the version of me who’s sabotaging here? What does she need?

  • What I’ve been willing to accept is… What I’m no longer willing to accept in my life is…