Tapping (EFT) Daily Alignment Practice with Chelsea Quint

Welcome love. I’m so stoked to share this powerful daily alignment practice with you.

This practice has been called life changing, so powerful, and the best way to start your day. But don’t let my past clients and students have the last word - try it for yourself and let me know how it goes.

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DAILY ALIGNMENT PRACTICE // This will teach you how to use tapping as a daily alignment practice. Best part? It will take you no more than 5 minutes. Follow along with me, and when you start to feel comfortable, make this practice your own bu switching in different intentions and affirmations.


  • 5 minutes early in your day

  • To commit to using this practice daily (start with 7 days)

  • To be able to watch the video and use your hands (ie please don’t listen while you’re driving)

DAILY ALIGNMENT PRACTICE // in case you like to have thing written down, here’s the breakdown of what your daily alignment practice includes:

  1. Tap & Breathe // option to include essential oils of your choice, based on what you’re needing that day

  2. Tap & Affirm - Future // use intentions and affirmations to describe how your day will go

  3. Tap & Affirm - Past // same as above, but this time talk about your day in the past tense, as if all the good things you desire have already happened

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