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MANIFESTED A DREAM INTERNSHIP, new community and HEALED FROM CODEPENDENT PATTERNS. Healed from heartbreak faster than she thought possible, and learned how to honor, process and heal through her feelings.

After years of therapy and feeling weighed down by her past, she now owns her worth, and wakes up feeling happy + excited instead of afraid and hoping to just get through the day.

No matter what traumas, wounds, or pains are in your past, you can heal. You can have EVERYTHING you want in life. You are meant to do more than just survive.

Nothing is impossible for you.


“Chelsea is AMAZING. I reached out to her for help with tapping and learning how to feel more secure in my root chakra energy. I received so much more then I could have EVER imagined.

Chelsea loving calls you out on your BS. She is so kind but doesn’t let you get away with playing small.

I’ve worked with many coaches, healers, and spiritual teachers, what I LOVE about Chelsea is that not only does she help you identify and feel your way through your old trauma but she helps you find the action you need to take to get yourself out of the cycle. THAT IS POWERFUL & RARE.

She truly heard me and saw me. She got me. I rarely highly recommend people or leave reviews but Chelsea is the REAL DEAL! She helped me identify an icky pattern that I was playing out in my biz and helped me feel through it and take action to get myself out of it. I was able to break the pattern and continue to make sales in my business that felt good!

I feel like a lot of coaches teach the processing but it’s rare to find a coach who gets enough to step outside of their story and what worked for them and coach me on what is right for me to do to get my out of my story.”

- Julie Bottini, Intuitive Empowerment Coach at Julie Bottini

Make the massive impact, influence and income you desire and deserve.   Selling gets to be and feel easy.

Make the massive impact, influence and income you desire and deserve.

Selling gets to be and feel easy.

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 3.15.14 PM.png
Feel massively supported in every area of your life. Your home. Your Money. Your love life. Your Work. Your Friendships.   Everything gets to work out in your favor.

Feel massively supported in every area of your life. Your home. Your Money. Your love life. Your Work. Your Friendships.

Everything gets to work out in your favor.


”Also, I'm not sure how clearly this came through in my message to you on Friday, BUT I got an offer both for a contract extension with Twitter and for a full time job doing program development for the kiddos at the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

I'm taking the JRF job starting March 18th (after i'm back from my yoga retreat in Costa Rica).”

- Olivia Howard

Dream job. Having it all. Taking time off and being fully supported. Making more money and more impact.

You get to have it all.

>> Listen to my conversation with Olivia about what it’s like to work with me on the Survivor to Thriver Podcast here.

MANIFESTING DREAM RELATIONSHIPS, DREAM APARTMENTS, AND BUILDING HER DREAM CAREER. Healing her skin. Showing up to her work with confidence and self trust, and learning not to be defined by what everyone else says is ‘realistic.’

When you heal your self worth, you can have, create and be everything you desire.


"The work we did together was amazing. Chelsea helped me to work through my thoughts and gave me tools to do so on my own. These tools are becoming a regular practice in my life and I couldn't have done it without her. 

She helped me achieve my goals by teaching me how to trust my gut by recognizing my fear vs. my love brain. She regularly had me question how I spoke to myself, which taught me to be kinder to myself and think through the why of my thoughts. This helped for me to change everything!

My confidence has increased immensely! I trust my gut more than ever and have made wonderful life choices because of it."

- Madison Kronheim, Music Therapist, grad student

Got into her dream grad school, moved to an incredible city, started a dreamy and fulfilling relationship, pursuing her dream career.

"I am full of happiness and love. I have learned to question and see every aspect of my life differently. Everything from the way I get out of bed in the morning, to my finances, to my stress level. My life has gotten on the fast track to the life I am meant to live. The life that I am going to be able to serve others with my amazing business and be massively compensated for it without guilt or shame. My life is on such a good path vs. when we began this work I felt so lost and ashamed and scared."

- Samantha Durkee, Empowerment Coach @ Samantha Durkee

healed from traumas that had ruled her life for decades, learned to set healthy boundaries and respond to her triggers with grace.

“Chelsea is one of the few coaches who is real and radically honest. It’s not all pretty pictures, quotes and fake positivity.

My struggles with my past and unhealed traumas came apparent to me when I started following her work. It’s deeply touching to get to work with someone who knows what it’s like and will hold space for all your wounds and stories, without judgement.

Chelsea will give you tools to heal yourself which is major! If you’ve ever had talk therapy before and felt worse afterwards, you need to dig into her healing work. I never made the connection between body/energy/ traumas, but tried to find solutions with my head and didn’t get far. I learned to be there for myself, not having to rely on others or having unhealthy expectations. It’s like closing myself in a loving light bubble and making firm boundaries who gets access, rather than feeling wide open for whatever life throws at me.

I now feel strong, confident and capable of being there and taking care of myself like no one else ever will be able to. I know what’s going on, what I need and how to move through triggers gracefully. I cannot wait to see where my journey will go from here, but it’s a going to be epic!

Thanks to Chelsea and her compassion, understanding, professionalism and warmth as well as strength to pull you up on your old wired bullshit stories, I finally let go of unhealthy patterns and mind loops. Thank you!

- Bea

"Chelsea is an AMAZING listener who provided me with wellness coaching based on me and my lifestyle -- and not on some ideal diet or ideal body I'm supposed to have. This is rare, and such a gift. I already changed many ingrained habits (I quit caffeine and juice, for starters), after only a short time with Chelsea. Highly recommended."

– May Flam, Personal Power + Confidence Coach @ May Flam

"I've had this surge of confidence and maybe feeling a little cocky (in a good way) about deciding to go ahead and start my business and do it the way I want to do it. Instead of trying to do what I think people/the industry expects me to do. And why shouldn't I? It's my dream, life and business. I feel like I have really begun to take the reigns of MY life. All of this is due to YOUR help Chelsea. What a gift you have and your willingness to share with all of us.... Bad Ass Bitch (I mean that with the utmost LOVE)! It takes an enormous amountof courage and grit to be vulnerable, open, empathetic, wise, intuitive and extremely helpful. God damn right the universe has our backs. I feel it and accept it and am just so excited for what's to come next! Thank you for creating a safe space for me to explore."

– Sarah Adkins, Health Coach


"I feel like I just leveled up. Like I just released something I didn't even know needed to be released.

I remember reading on your website months before I started working with you, "I'm going to help you change your life." And I remember thinking, "this girl seems super amazing, but I doubt she's actually going to be able to change my life. I can just do the work on my own." TOTAL FEAR MIND. TOTAL CRAP. You have been such a guiding force, such great support, and resource."

- Samantha Durkee, Empowerment Coach @ Samantha Durkee

"Can I just say that the free guided meditations you sent out are among the best guided meditations I've every listened to? So even from my limited exposure to your work, I can honestly say, you've got a serious gift, girl!"

-Maya Rebecca


"Before starting to work with Chelsea I was incredibly sick. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia earlier in the year, and almost every other week was sick for days at a time unable to do much else but sleep because it hurt too badly to do absolutely anything else. She provided me with simple ways to incorporate better foods and more rounded nutrition into my diet and helping me find the reasons I was avoiding certain action steps in the first place, and easier ways to avoid high inflammation foods that I loved but were making me sick. She helped me develop ways to move my body that I found fun and enjoyable and sustainable even when I didn't have a lot of time, and helped me overcome my notions that I needed to devote a set amount of time to exercise.

She also provided me with a welcome environment to be able to discuss what I wanted out of my day and my life and helped me shape my actions and emotions to those activities, even as they morphed and changed over the six months. She always helped me with my current goals, and compared them to my old ones to highlight my progress, which was so important to me. She was able to help me accomplish goals at such a rapid rate it felt they were constantly growing into new ones.

I'm a lot happier and I cope with my day to day life a lot better. I feel better equipped to identify what my body is feeling and to respond to it as well. Chelsea is a lovely and beautiful boss babe who has shaped and elevated my life in numerous ways throughout it, and I'd recommend her to anyone who needs a really compassionate and understanding person to help them take the right steps in themselves"

- Lauren Thurston, Tattoo Artist


"You have no idea how much just ONE session has changed me and how I go about my day!

You’ve changed my life, Chels.

You create magic in this world."

– Sierra Canter, doTERRA Director, Student

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I would describe Chelsea as...

"An amazing source of light full of guidance, support, and love. You radiate authenticity and transparency and I admire that so much about you. I resonate with you because you're fucking real. You own up to the shit going on in your life and you show us what it means to make it through this human experience in the most loving way possible. You have such a gift for what you do. You thrive for the clients who are willing to put in the work and you provide the unique resources that only you can provide: your experiences, stories, wisdom."

- Samantha Durkee

"An AMAZING woman! She loves to help others connect to themselves and devotes every aspect of herself to doing so."

- Madison Kronheim

"Kick ass coach who tells it like it is, with a soulful, spiritual approach! No bullshit. No sugar coating. Telling like it is... but with soulfulness and a spiritual touch."

- Chelsea McCluskey

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since working with Chelsea has been...

"MY MOTHER FUCKING LIFE DUDE! Working with you has transformed my life. Making this investment in myself opened my heart to new possibilities. When I first submitted to working with you, I had no idea that my life was going to change. That I would begin to heal and work towards the life I am meant to have. My entire perspective has changed in just the 2 months we have been working together.

A few amazing things that have happened since working with you:

  1. I connected with my love mind and learned how to listen to it. And how to identity when my ego and fear mind is trying to rule.

  2. I am about to launch a truly transformational course in my business this month that is going to manifest so much abundance.

  3. I have released (and am still releasing) old emotional traumas that have been holding me back for years.

  4. I now know what it means to set boundaries and protect my own energy.

  5. I deeply and completely love, honor, and accept myself in this moment. And deeply and completely feel strong, safe, and supported."

- Samantha Durkee

"Chelsea has the nutritional knowledge - she's an expert here, so she was able to give me info that I would have had to piece together from multiple people/places. Also, I trust her (as opposed to being a faceless Internet person). She zeroed in on what I was doing that was working well for me - and what I wasn't. The shifts she suggested weren't overwhelming, because she helped me see the baby steps I could take at first and then how to build on them. I would recommend her to any woman wanting to make a shift in her wellness and who resonates who doing integrative work around it."

– Michelle Ward, Creative Career Coach @ When I Grow Up

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