“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

Maya Angelou

Welcome to the THRIVE Mastermind - an intensive healing experience curated for the dreamers, the doers, and the women who are here with a mission that sets their souls on fire.

The woman who so fiercely know she’s meant for more - but who has been in the struggle for so long. Who no matter how hard she tries, feels like she’s just getting by.

For the woman who’s been stuck in survival mode - and who’s ready to finally start thriving in her life.

If you…

  • Are constantly managing, analyzing and trying to control your life

  • Recognize that you sometimes self medicate with wine, food and Netflix, and you’re leaning on them more than you’d like

  • Have been stuck in survival mode for way too long

  • Constantly find a new project, problem, or situation to worry about

  • Never stop planning and getting so many ideas for what you want to do/have in your life/business/relationships.... but aren’t truly taking action

  • Are always looking for the next course, book, practice or tool that will help you feel better and actually create what you want (or get clear what you want, THEN make it happen)

  • Feel like you’re not totally sure what you want, and you’re constantly thinking, wondering and obsessing over when you’ll finally feel the clarity that it seems like everyone else has

  • Can’t seem to shift out of struggle mode - when one thing thrives, the other things suffer. Whether it’s money, work, relationships or your relationship to yourself, it feels like something is always falling apart

And if you want to:

  1. Be present with your life, your loved ones, your family and friends, your work

  2. Learn to relax and surrender into the magic of the Universe

  3. Believe in a higher power, and actually be able to fully put your faith into something bigger than you enough that you can drop the struggle to control and to know all the answer right this minute

  4. Live a beautiful, abundant life full of love, financial freedom, and the beautiful things + experiences that bring you joy

  5. Feel clear about the direction of your life + work, and have a strong connection to your intuition that you trust to guide you to the next step

  6. Shift out of surviving and into thriving in your life.

I created this mastermind for you.

Part group coaching, part course, part mastermind, THRIVE is a six month transformative experience.

It is a divine way to get clear on what you want, heal any negative patterns and limiting beliefs, unapologetically own your worth and your gifts and reclaim your cocreative power to manifest everything you want in life.

The impact. The income. The love. The freedom. The flow. The joy.

It’s all yours - as soon as you decide you’re ready to claim it.

MAUI 2018-WE WILL RISE-WEB-587.jpg

Building on my experience working with and helping hundreds of women, THRIVE will help you shift out of survival mode, constantly managing and worrying about your life, and into thriving, being fully present to the beautiful life you’ll create. 

By the end of this mastermind, you will:

  • Fully embody your highest self

  • Know what it means + what it takes to manifest the life and world of your dreams

  • Unapologetically own who you are and what you’re here to create and share with the world with unshakable confidence

  • Take massive inspired action to creating a beautiful, abundant life

  • Have a community of sisters who see, support and love you unconditionally

When you join the six month THRIVE Mastermind, you’ll get:

  • 2 x 45 minute one on one calls per month ($2,500 value)

  • 2 x 90 minute group calls per month ($2,100 value)

  • VIP Retreat in NYC with me and your mastermind sisters ($5,000 value)

  • Surprise guest trainings every month ($1,500 value)

  • Private group chat with access to me and your mastermind sisters (priceless)

At the retreat you’ll embody everything you’ve learned, healed and moved through, and anchor in the feeling of fully embodying your highest self. We’ll stay together at one of my favorite hotels in NYC, mastermind and workshop all the things in a gorgeous suite, have energy work, a private chef, speak our truth and create an unforgettable opportunity for healing, growth, sisterhood and transformation.

The women in this mastermind will become your family. Your sisters. Your teachers and your friends.

I cannot tell you how powerful it is to share space with a group of women healing, learning and growing together. This mastermind will truly be the experience of a lifetime.

MAUI 2018-WE WILL RISE-WEB-691.jpg


  • Embodiment work training and guided practice ($108 value)

  • Quantum Magnetism + Embodied manifesting training and guided practice ($108 value)

  • Money Mindset Workbook + healing practices ($108 value)

  • Tapping training + guided tapping with me ($400 value)

  • Access to anything I create during our mastermind (priceless)

  • Additional surprise bonuses, trainings and resources as needed - I make sure everyone gets what they need (priceless)

This powerful container will hold you as you grow, heal, expand, and elevate into your highest self. Our closing retreat will allow you to anchor and be witnessed in the energy of your highest self. There are only 6 spots for this intimate group.


The total value of this Mastermind is over $11,794.

Your investment is $6,500.

Payment plans are always available (6 month + 8 month plans).

This investment is higher than my Divine Desires Group Mentorship - and the transformations will be on a bigger scale.

This mastermind is not for the dabbler. That said, I never want finances to be a reason that someone doesn’t access this work. If you’re feeling called to join me in this container, please reach out and we’ll chat through your options.


Per industry standard, and due to the nature of this program, no returns or refunds can be processed. Please review full terms & conditions before purchasing any product.


Details on each payment plan:

  • Pay in Full: $6,000 paid before we start in January, save $500

  • 6 month Payment Plan: 12 bi-weekly payments of $545

  • 8 month Payment Plan: 16 bi-weekly payments of $415